Open Profile Production, clamped profile production Istanbul

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Open Profile Production, clamped profile production Istanbul

Open profile production makes a difference as it is not welded compared to box profile and welded profile production. Open profiles are generally selected according to the area of use. Open profiles are mainly produced with galvanized sheet. Especially gypsum board profiles are produced from thin galvanized coil sheet.

Open Profile İstanbul

Since the galvanized sheet is produced only by roll form without welding, they are resistant to atmospheric corrosion for a long time. There are many types of open profiles according to the usage area. For example, open profiles, also called pvc window profile or support sheet, are the most produced open profiles. Istanbul open section prices depend on galvanized AC prices. Changes in galvanized sheet prices also cause changes in open section prices. You can download galvanized sheet prices from this link. you can learn.

Open Profile Line or Roll Forming Machine is referred to as. They are also known as Support Sheet Machine and Shutter Machine. They are used in the shaping of coiled sheets in different forms. While it saves time and labor in the production of support sheet profile, it also prevents faulty production. Open or closed profiles (clamped profile - perforated profile - non-perforated profile) are expected to have quality surface precision. Open Profile Line aka Roll Form MachinesMany different operations can be performed in We can manufacture clamped profiles in our Istanbul facility according to the dimensions you want. With our special profile production, we can produce open profiles and clamped profiles up to 12000 mm in length.

Open Profile, Clamped Profile manufacturing

  • Drywall Suspended Ceiling Profiles
  • Drywall Partition Wall Profiles
  • Perforated Shelf Profiles
  • Light Steel Construction Profiles
  • C Profiles
  • U Profiles
  • L Profiles
  • Z Profiles
  • Omega Profiles
  • M profiles
  • Ges Solar Steel Profiles
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