Drywall Profile Dimensions


Drywall Profile Dimensions and Usage Areas

Drywall profiles are used in suspended ceilings, partition walls and wall cladding systems. galvanized steel sheet profiles. They offer excellent solutions in different fields. They adapt easily to the place they are used and are extremely durable. Thanks to its high corrosion resistance, it can be used safely for many years. They are very easy to apply and disassemble. It will be a good choice for those looking for economical materials.  

drywall profiles It is divided into categories as wall U, wall C, ceiling U, ceiling C and corner profiles. It can be used for purposes such as fire prevention, wall elevation, heat and sound insulation. It can be produced in different sizes according to the area to be applied.

Drywall Profile Usage Areas

Drywall profiles They are used in various fields thanks to their properties. The most well-known use roof, exterior, interior and ceiling coverings. Apart from that, it is also used in isolation processes. It provides practical use in prefabricated and reinforced concrete structures. Installation pipes and cables can be hidden by using a plasterboard profile.

Wall U profiles applied horizontally. It forms the frame part in partition wall systems applications. It is used in curtain wall and suspended ceiling applications. Depending on the area to be used, gypsum board is screwed to both sides or one side of the profiles. Wall C profiles vertical support is applied as It is used in shopping malls, hotels, multi-storey buildings and similar places. It can be easily applied to any interior. Ceiling U and ceiling C profiles are used in the construction of suspended ceilings. Even if it does not take on a carrier task, it keeps the suspended ceiling in balance. Corner profiles are used in the corners of the walls in the application of gypsum plaster. In suspended wall applications, it allows the corners to stand upright and to increase the impact resistance.

Drywall Profile Dimensions

It is important that the product you buy is produced in accordance with TSE rules. The products you will buy from our company have the necessary quality certificates. You can contact us for detailed information about gypsum board profiles.

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