Gypsum Board Wall Profile Manufacturing

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Gypsum Board Wall Profile Manufacturing 

drywall wall profile we prepared the manufacture galvanize Profiles are materials used in many fields. It is useful in interior applications, while prefabricated structures are manufactured, and in the construction of partition walls. Using this material, insulation and coating can be made on roofs and walls.

drywall wall profile it is extremely durable. It can be preferred for use in large areas, thanks to its economy. It allows you to hide unwanted materials that look like electrical and plumbing. Thanks to this feature, it provides you with a decorative appearance. It easily adapts to your decoration by being painted.

Wall C50 Profile Manufacturing

Wall C50 profile It is used in indoor partition, curtain wall and shaft wall applications by adjusting the metal carrier frame to 50 mm. The application is made by inserting the wall into U profiles. Then plasterboard is applied. When making a curtain wall, screwing on one side of the profile is sufficient.

It can be installed in a short time. It is also easy to disassemble. It does not cause loss of space on the walls. It is 9 times lighter than brick structures. This allows the building to be flexible. It does not break immediately in a strong shaking such as an earthquake. Wall C profile isolates sound and heat in the area where it is used. It is fire resistant. It can be produced in desired length to be used in different areas.

Wall U50 Profile Manufacturing

The wall U50 profile is used as a metal carrier frame, adjusted to 75 mm. It ensures that the wall C profile and the partition wall are balanced. It is applied to the junction of the floor and ceiling in plasterboard wall construction. It is produced in accordance with the requirements of the EN 14195 quality standard. Since it is a light material, it does not overload the building where it is used. 

Wall Corner Profile Manufacturing

The wall corner profile is made of galvanized material. Therefore, it has the advantages of galvanized coating. Since it is resistant to corrosion, it can be used indoors as well as outdoors. It provides protection so that there is no damage in the area where it is used. It can be applied in corners to get a straight look. Materials with a wall thickness of 0.35 and 0.45 mm can be produced.

How is Wall C and Wall U Profile Application Made?

It can be said that the wall C and wall U profiles are complementary to each other. For the application, firstly, the measurements of the space are taken with a laser meter. If a partition wall application is to be made, its location is determined first. The line on which the wall U profile will be fixed is fixed to the flooring with a string. By making use of the mark on the floor, a mark is made on the ceiling with a plumb line. After deciding on the length of the wall, U and C profiles are cut to the desired size. C-profiles are cut 1 cm shorter than the ceiling height, providing convenience during assembly.

Before proceeding with the assembly process, tapes that provide sound insulation are adhered under the profiles. It is calculated how many C profiles will be used by giving 60 cm spacing. This interval should be less for places to be covered with materials such as ceramics and marble. After the planning phase is completed, assembly can be started. Firstly, U profiles are fixed to the floor and ceiling with the help of screws. Screwing is done every 60 cm. later C. profilestarts to be installed. After the first C profile is fixed, the others are mounted between the U profiles by turning. Since corex application will be made later, C profiles are not fixed to U profiles.

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