Concrete Trapeze

27-200 beton trapezi

Concrete Trapeze is made of galvanized sheet. The structure of the trapezoid emerges when the Rolled Galvanized sheet takes shape by passing it through the form. Trapezoidal sheet metal under concrete can be produced in different forms. The decisive factor here is the pitch depth and pitch spacing of the sub-concrete trapeze. It is generally produced from 0.70 mm roll galvanized sheet. The weight of 0.70 mm concrete trapezoidal sheet metal is around 6.7 kg/mt. 0.70 mm concrete trapezoidal sheets, called minus tolerance, can drop down to 0.67 mm. Most preferred forms

27/200 concrete trapeze

38/151 concrete trapeze

60/940 concrete trapeze

75/750 concrete trapeze

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Concrete Trapeze should be laid at the top of the structure perpendicular to the beam direction.

Concrete covering steel plate should be placed in the open areas of the building. Concrete cover steel sheet slab thickness and height should be determined. Concrete sealing steel sheets, which also serve as molds, are generally placed by bending and welding 2 mm, 2.5 mm, 3 mm sheets at 90 degrees.

The trapezoidal sheet must be fixed to the steel structure after all open areas are covered with concrete covering steel sheet, which is placed on the upper part of the structure. The correct material to use here is Stud nail.

Stud nail is welded by creating an electric arc on the trapezoidal sheet steel structure without using electrode wire or gas, with a special welding machine.


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Concrete trapezium Properties

Concrete Trapeze is one of the most important elements of structures. In terms of the durability of the structure, it connects the axles in the horizontal and vertical directions in the steel structure after the flooring. Although it is used as a surface coating element, it is also preferred for lightening the main structure.

Concrete Trapeze Dimensions

Concrete trapeze 60/940 form, which we produce in several different forms, can also be preferred for mezzanine floors in residential buildings, mezzanine floors in industrial buildings, office or plaza mezzanine floors, warehouse or warehouse mezzanine floors. In the static studies carried out according to the loads in the area where it will be used, the distances between the beams are also calculated and the appropriate trapezoidal steel hair thickness should be determined. Our advice to our customers is to have the static calculations of your structures done correctly and to order trapezoidal sheet metal.

Our concrete trapezoidal sheet form is called 60/940. 60 mm is the height measurement from the galvanized sheet steel floor. Its size of 940 mm is the net closure area measurement. Net closure area means the axis on which the trapezoidal sheet is placed on the other deck concrete in side-by-side assemblies. In other words, when 2 sheets are placed side by side, 188 cm area is covered. Our 60/940 Trapezoidal Sheet with a net closing area of 94 cm alone is produced from 1250 mm wide rolls.

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