How many pieces is 1 bond of Iron Profile?

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Although the number of iron profile bundles varies according to the factories, they are generally the same. You can get Demir Profil packaged from our Istanbul Warehouse, or we can ship it wholesale from our Dilovası warehouse. Iron Profile package quantities Size Piece Size Piece Size Piece Size Piece Size Piece Size Piece Size Piece Size Piece 10X10X0,80 500 20X40X2,50 170 30X70X1,50 105 50X90X2,00 […]

HEA Profile Carrying Capacity and Strength Values

HEA Profile Carrying Capacity and Strength Values Although HEA profile is known as a building element in terms of product group, it is a profile group that is also used in machinery and equipment construction areas. These profiles, defined by the abbreviation consisting of the initials of the high energy astrophysics word group, are used as carrier elements with high strength value. These profiles, which are generally used in the fields of architecture and construction, […]

Metal Roof Gutter Prices

oluklu Çatı Sacı

Metal roof gutter prices vary depending on the size of the area to be used, the material to be used in production and the design. The need for a crane when applying for large structures is another factor that affects the price. Although the cost increases in long-term labor, the result obtained will satisfy you. Metal Roofing Metal roofing systems […]

What are the Chemical Differences Between P235 and P355

p355 kalite - erdemir 6345 kalite

What are the Chemical Differences Between P235 and P355? P235 and P355 materials are pressure vessel steels, also known as boiler sheet. Considering the general properties, it is seen that the weldability of both materials is good. In addition, they can withstand high pressure. P235 Quality Strength Values P235 quality material is in the non-alloy steel group. As an auxiliary part when producing boilers in industrial areas, […]

Corrugated Galvanized Sheet Prices

galvaniz oluklu sac

Galvanized sheet products are obtained by coating hot rolled coils and low carbon cold rolled sheets with zinc by hot dipping method. According to the demands of the customers, products to be used as rolls, standard, desired lengths, ridge, trapezoidal, roller blind and corrugated or wall profiles are produced. Corrugated galvanized sheet prices depending on the width and thickness […]

Drywall Profile Dimensions


Gypsum Board Profile Dimensions and Application Areas Drywall profiles are galvanized steel sheet profiles used in suspended ceilings, partition walls and wall cladding systems. They offer excellent solutions in different fields. They adapt easily to the place they are used and are extremely durable. Thanks to its high corrosion resistance, it can be used safely for many years. They are very easy to apply and disassemble. A good choice for those looking for economical materials […]

Galvanized Coating Thickness


How to Measure Galvanized Coating Thickness? Galvanized coating is done in order for the metals to continue their intended use for the longest time. For this, hot dipping and electrolysis methods are used. The method can be chosen according to the place where the material will be used. Alusi products are obtained by coating aluminum-zinc alloy on the steel sheet according to the needs. Galvanized Coating Thickness Calculation Galvanized coating calculates the amount of zinc per square meter […]

P Group Boiler Sheets

kazan sacı mekanik-ozellikler

What are P Group Boiler Sheets? Another name for P group boiler sheets is pressure vessel steels. Their most well-known feature is that they are well welded. When welding sheets with a cross section of less than 25 mm, there is no hardening tendency in the heat-affected zone, that is, in HAZ. In this way, almost all welding techniques can be welded without any problems. Those larger than 25 mm […]

Corrugated Sheet Prices

galvaniz oluklu sac

Corrugated Sheet Prices Corrugated sheet is a material manufactured using galvanized or aluminum. It can be produced in many different thicknesses as painted or unpainted. In addition, the material can be double-layered to help heat insulation. Corrugated sheet prices are determined by the properties and quantity of the material. Materials with different technical properties can be produced according to customer demands. This feature […]

Galvanized Sheet Production

sıcak daldırma galvaniz sac üretimi

How Galvanized Sheet is Produced Galvanized sheet production is the product obtained by coating metallic zinc on flat steel material. It is used in many fields due to its corrosion resistant feature. It is especially important for materials used in open areas. The coated material provides long-term use without rusting. Chromating or lubricating after the plating process ensures a higher quality of the zinc plating. […]

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