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Drywall Profile Dimensions


Gypsum Board Profile Dimensions and Application Areas Drywall profiles are galvanized steel sheet profiles used in suspended ceilings, partition walls and wall cladding systems. They offer excellent solutions in different fields. They adapt easily to the place they are used and are extremely durable. Thanks to its high corrosion resistance, it can be used safely for many years. They are very easy to apply and disassemble. A good choice for those looking for economical materials […]

Gypsum Board Wall Profile Manufacturing

istanbul tavan c profili

Gypsum Board Wall Profile Production The galvanized profiles that we prepare for the production of plasterboard wall profiles are materials used in many areas. It is useful in interior applications, while prefabricated structures are manufactured, and in the construction of partition walls. Using this material, insulation and coating can be made on roofs and walls. The plasterboard wall profile is extremely durable. It can be preferred for use in large areas, thanks to its economy. Electrical and sanitary […]

Galvanized Iron profile weights, Galvanized iron profile prices

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Galvanized Iron profile weights Galvanized iron profiles can be produced in two different ways. Box profiles made of galvanized coil sheet and galvanized box profiles produced by hot-dip galvanization method. Galvanized box profile prices vary according to this production method. Since the hot-dip Galvanizing process is a costly method, it also affects the price of the Galvanized iron profile. The hot dipping method of cold rolled coils […]

Rust-proof galvanized iron profile

Galvanizli kare profil, galvanizli demir profil, galvanizli kutu profil, galvanizli paslanmaz çelik profil, çelik kare profil, içi boş çelik profil, kutu profil fiyatları

Corrosion-resistant galvanized iron profile Galvanized iron profiles are produced by dipping into the galvanized pool to protect the square profile materials, which are 6 or longer from steel coil sheets called box profile, against corrosion by hot-dip galvanizing method. Galvanized Box Profile Manufacturing Before we start galvanized iron profile manufacturing, we need to know the production method of the box profile. […]

Open Profile Production, clamped profile production Istanbul

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Open Profile Production, clamped profile production Istanbul Open profile production makes a difference as it is not welded compared to box profile and welded profile production. Open profiles are generally selected according to the area of use. Open profiles are mainly produced with galvanized sheet. Especially gypsum board profiles are produced from thin galvanized coil sheet. Open Profile Istanbul Galvanized sheet is not welded, only roll form […]

Hea Profile Dimensions


Hea profile weights and Hea profile dimensions are in the same table. Hea Profile Dimensions SECTION DIMENSIONS G hb tw tf r kg/m mm mm mm mm mm HE 100 AA 12.2 91 100 4.2 5.5 12 HE 100 A 16.7 96 100 5.0 8.0 12 HE 100 B 20.4 100 100 6.0 10.0 12 HE 100 […]

Hea Profile Weights

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  Hea Profile Weights The weights of the hea profiles, which are among the H profile types, are lighter than the heb profile and hem profile. The reason for this is that the h profile is the hea profile with the thinnest wall thickness. Hea profiles are named according to their dimensions. For example, a hea profile with an ear width of 100 mm is called hea 100. The wall thickness of the Hea 100s is 5 mm. This […]

What is HEA Profile?


European Hea profile standard profiles. It is called H Beam in English. There are different types of H profiles such as Hea, Heb, Hem. The hea profile designation comes from the ear width. Hea 100 profile is called the h dimension of the steel profile as seen in the figure below. That is, the height of the hea 100 profile is 100 mm. Hea profile production starts from 100 mm width to 1200 mm […]

Rectangular Box Profile Prices

  Box profiles are named according to the way they are produced. There are two types of box profile types. Square box profile and rectangular box profile. The prices of rectangular box profiles and square tube profiles are different from each other. The side dimensions of rectangular box profiles are different from each other. While calculating the weights of square box profiles, the single edge measure […]

Npi profile static values

Npi profil fiyatları

              STATIC VALUES Ipn profile dimensions STRONG AXIS yy WEAK AXIS zz G Iy Wel.y Wpl.y iy Avz Iz Wel.z Wpl.z iz ss It Iwx10-3 kg/m cm4 cm3 cm3 cm cm2 cm4 cm3 cm3 cm mm […]

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