Roof sheet – Facade cladding

ÇATI SACI- trapez sac

Roof Sheet – Facade Cladding Material


Roof sheet, or trapezoidal sheets, have model changes according to their structures and places of use. Roof sheet material can be produced in different sizes as well as color options. The reason why the roof sheets are called trapezoidal sheet is that it comes from trapeziodal steel from English to our language.

Roofing sheets production materials:

  • Galvanized sheet
  • Painted Galvanized Sheet

The reason why the roof sheets are produced from galvanized sheets is that the corrosion-free life of the galvanized sheets is very long according to the surface coating thickness. An average galvanized sheet can last for 10 years without rusting. Here, the amount of galvanized coating, that is, the amount of zinc per square meter, also causes an increase in the protection coefficient from corrosion. In other words, the amount of galvanized coating also determines the life of the trapezoidal sheet.

Roofing Sheet Models

Roofing sheets can be produced in different models.

  • Concrete Trapezoidal Sheet
  • Roofing Trapezoidal Sheet
  • Facade Cladding Trapezoidal Sheet
  • Garage porch material Trapezoidal Sheet

He stated that trapezoidal sheets are produced from galvanized sheet and painted galvanized sheets. Galvanized roll Trapezoidal roof sheets, which can be produced in the desired length from sheets, can generally be produced from 2 meters to 12 meters. The shortest recommended size of the roof sheets is 2 meters.

ÇATI SACI- trapez sac
ROOF SHEET, ROOF SHEET- trapezoidal sheet

Roof sheet Weights

Note: It is given according to the dimensions of the roof sheet, which covers 1 mt. It varies according to thickness and coating. It is about kg.


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