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Earthquake Cabin Manufacturing

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Earthquake Cabin Manufacturing Earthquake cabin is a steel structure consisting of steel columns, beams and panels. It can be easily installed in an emergency without the need for heavy equipment. This is a modular cabin with prefabricated panels built to withstand earthquakes. Our products are used by local governments and disaster relief organizations in emergency preparedness programs. Earthquake cabins, single-family, multi-family […]

boiler plate

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Boiler sheet Boiler sheet, also known as pressure vessel steels, are grades that start with the P symbol. Boiler sheets can be used in the manufacture of boilers or similar pressure-resistant on-vehicle equipment due to their resistance to pressure. Their difference from St 37 quality or s235 group steels is that they are P quality group steels. P235GH quality, P265GH quality, P355GH quality, 16MO3 […]

Coil Cutting Prices

Rulo sac kesim fiyatları,galvaniz sac kesim fiyatları, rulo sac kesim fiyatları

Coil Sheet Cutting Coil sheet cutting to be cut can be of different types and sizes. Coil sheet cutting lines for different thickness and types are also different. Coil sheet cutting lines are generally of two types. It is a thin coil sheet cutting line and a thick coil sheet cutting line. According to the thickness of the coil sheet, the prices of the coil sheet cutting also change. Thin coil sheet cutting […]

laser cutting prices

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Laser cutting prices Laser cutting prices vary according to the thickness of the sheet material to be cut and the dimensions of the cnc laser cutting to be made. The differences of this change are reflected in the cnc laser cutting prices. If laser sheet metal cutting is to be made, the calculation of laser sheet cutting prices changes, since the thickness of the sheet metal plate to be cut and its size on the plate affect the cutting speed. Laser cutting prices calculation according to cm / sec […]

laser sheet cutting

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Laser sheet cutting In 1965, the first laser cutting machine was produced to drill drill holes to make diamond moulds. This machine was made by the Western Electrical Engineering Research Center. Sheet metal cutting with the oxygen spraying method was first made by the British in 1967. In the 1970s, laser titanium was used in aerospace technologies for cutting. When we look at the history of laser sheet cutting, 50 […]

What is hot rolled sheet?

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What is hot rolled sheet? What is hot rolled sheet? It is estimated that the inventor of hot rolling is Leonardo Da Vinci. It is known that Leonardo Da Vinci has drawings related to it. But it is known that it was first established in England in 1590 to produce steel bars upon the demand for Belgian iron. The first rolling mill to produce flat products was built in Pontypool, England, in 1670.

Tear pattern sheet metal prices

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How to produce teardrop patterned sheet metal? Tear-patterned sheets are produced from coil sheets. Whether it is stainless coil sheet or black coil sheet, the production method is the same. Stainless teardrop-patterned sheets usually come from China or Western Europe. Patterned steel plate is a steel plate with a pattern shifted to the surface. This includes many residential, industrial and architectural […]

What is Tear Pattern Sheet?

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What is Tear Pattern Sheet? Checkered plate or tear-patterned plates are written as checkered plate in English and even as diamond plate in some sources. Checkered sheets or tear-patterned sheets are produced by hot rolling method. We can simply summarize the checkered sheet production as follows. Hot rolled coils are opened to the desired length with a length opening machine. Approximately […]

How is Steel Sheet Production done?


How is Steel Sheet Production done? Steel is among the most consumed materials in the world in the last century. It is estimated that the annual steel consumption of the world is 750 million tons on average. The change in plastic and iron and steel consumption also reflects the economic situation of that country. If steel consumption is increasing, it indicates an increase in investments made in the country or an increase in industrial production. […]

What is Ipn Profile?

Npi profil fiyatları

What is Ipn Profile? Ipn profiles, also known as Npi profiles, are I-shaped due to their structure. I profiles are produced by hot rolling method. Steel billet is used when producing Ipn profiles. Simply by heating to a certain degree, they are turned into embers and take the I shape as they pass between the rollers. Let's explain the production of I profiles by hot rolling in a little more detail. […]

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