cnc laser cutting prices in Istanbul

cnc lazer kesim fiyatları İstanbul

cnc laser cutting prices Istanbul We are at your service with our facilities in Gebze, Dudullu and İkitelli with always up-to-date and good prices.

Cnc Laser cutting systems are a suitable method for cutting metal parts.

Cnc Laser cutting machines provide a fast and efficient way to cut sheet metal and metal objects.

Laser machines cut is cleaner than most other cutting methods and requires less deburring and finishing after cuts.

While this of course depends on the materials you're cutting, laser cutting makes clear and accurate cuts.

cnc laser cutting prices Istanbul Since the deburring process is not needed most of the time, labor costs are also saved.

sac lazer kesim
sheet metal laser cutting

laser cutting prices and costs vary greatly depending on the model, type and power of the laser.

If you plan to cut metal, sheet metal or other thick materials, you will need a high watt laser.

However, the higher the wattage of the laser, the higher the price of the cnc laser cutting machine. It's up to you to balance cost and needs.

1. You need to provide your computer's software and hardware, the higher your computer's processing capacity, it can help your cnc laser cutting machine run faster.

2. Entry-level laser cutting units often contain very weak lasers that are only suitable for light engraving or cutting.

Using a low-power laser to cut a thick or hard material can damage the surface and requires expensive tool replacement.

Since this will cause you extra costs in the future, cnc laser It would be appropriate to examine the machines.

3. Most of the suppliers of laser cutting machines sell models of various sizes. Larger objects require a more expensive machine to cut.

Laser cutting machines dimensions

Laser cutting machines as standard

1200mm x 2500mm
1500mm x 3000mm
2000mm x 3000mm

may be of different sizes. The sheet metal plate sizes that we will use are also determined according to the dimensions of this laser cutting machine.

Sheet Plate Standard Dimensions

1000mm x 2000mm
1200mm x 2400mm
1250mm x 2500mm
1500mm x 3000mm

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