Corrosion resistant sheet: dx51 quality galvanized sheet


Galvanized sheet prices

Galvanized sheet prices vary depending on steel prices. Click here to find out the steel prices. click here.

dx51 quality galvanized sheet prices vary according to the thickness of the galvanized coating, the thickness and width of the galvanized coil sheet.

Galvanized sheet weights

Galvanized sheet weights You can check the table below.


Galvanized sheet thickness (mm) 1000×2000 (kg) 1200×2400 (kg) 1250×2500 (kg) 1500×3000 (kg)
0.25mm 4,00 5,76 6,25 9,00
0.30mm 4,80 6,91 7,50 10,80
0.35mm 5,60 8,06 8,75 12,60
0.40mm 6,40 9,22 10,00 14,40
0.45mm 7,20 10,37 11,25 16,20
0.50mm 8,00 11,52 12,50 18,00
0.55mm 8,80 12,67 13,75 19,80
0.60mm 9,60 13,82 15,00 21,60
0.70mm 11,20 16,13 17,50 25,20
0.80mm 12,80 18,43 20,00 28,80
0.90mm 14,40 20,74 22,50 32,40
1.00mm 16,00 23,04 25,00 36,00
1.20mm 19,20 27,65 30,00 43,20
1.50mm 24,00 34,56 37,50 54,00
2.00mm 32,00 46,08 50,00 72,00
2.50mm 40,00 57,60 62,50 90,00
3.00mm 48,00 69,12 75,00 108,00
4.00mm 64,00 92,16 100,00 144,00


Galvanized sheet m2 prices

For galvanized sheet m2 prices, we must first know the galvanized sheet ton prices. For galvanized sheet ton prices click here.

Divide by 1000 by multiplying the galvanized sheet price, of which we learned the ton price, by the unit weight corresponding to the thickness and size you need in the galvanized sheet weight table above. The result will give you galvanized sheet m2 prices.

Galvanized sheet Prices 2020

Galvanized sheet prices for 2020 click here. You can follow the current galvanized sheet prices on our website.

Galvanized sheet dimensions

Galvanized sheets are produced as rolls. The thickness of the galvanized sheets produced as rolls is between 0.30 mm and 4 mm. Galvanized sheet dimensions are 1000 mm, 1200 mm, 1250 mm and 1500 m as standard. Coil sheets of this width can be cut at the desired length in the galvanized sheet cut-to-length line.

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Dx52 Quality Galvanized Sheet

Dx52 Quality Galvanized sheet dx51 quality galvanized sheet difference:

  • dx52 quality is softer than dx51 quality.
  • It is more suitable for plastering
  • Carbon ratio is lower
  • Widely used in the automotive industry
  • Easy to bend

DX51 quality galvanized coil sheets are 1312 for Erdemir quality.

1312 Erdemir quality galvanized sheets are produced between 0.30 mm and 2 mm.

Although dx52 quality sheets are generally produced between 0.30 mm and 2 mm, we have them in our stocks as 2.5 mm and 3 mm galvanized sheets.

The production range of dx51 quality sheets is between 0.30 mm and 2 mm, as in dx52 grades. We have 3mm galvanized sheet and 4 mm galvanized sheet in our stocks.

The zinc coating thickness of dx51 quality sheets, called commercial quality, is 70 gr/m2. If desired, galvanized sheet coating is made up to 275 gr/m2. Galvanized sheet prices It also varies according to the coating thickness of the galvanized coil sheet.

The zinc coating thickness is determined during the production of galvanized coil sheets.

The zinc coating thickness also ensures that the galvanized sheet is resistant to corrosion.

The zinc coating thickness ensures that the galvanized sheet has a long life and does not rust.

You can follow the prices of Dx51 quality galvanized coils on our website.

Hot Dip Galvanized Steel (HDGI) is produced by passing through the zinc pot, that is, the pool, of the Full Hard sheet, which has undergone acid cleaning and rolling, and coating its surface with zinc. Zinc is characterized by its excellent corrosion resistance. In addition, it has dyeability and easy workability. Generally, cleaning the hot-dip galvanized sheet with acid before production helps to remove the roughness on its surface.

Hot-dip galvanizing is the process of applying a protective zinc coating to steel sheet to prevent rusting.

Excellent corrosion prevention, paintability and easy workability thanks to its zinc corrosion resistant sheet metal feature.
The desired amount of zinc can be produced specially. The thick zinc coating also ensures longevity.

Galvanized steel coils are widely used in most industries:

In the construction industry: low-rise building, light steel thin-walled structures, sandwich panels, lining of heat pipelines and various thermal insulation, air conditioning systems, metal roof tiles, galvanized square profile, culvert pipes, lining of entrance doors, elevators, PVC windows and plastic doors reinforcing profiles for gypsum boards, European type fasteners for plasterboards, etc.

In the automotive industry: as well as the production of exterior and interior car body parts, for example, external mass transit body parts for buses and trams

In the machine-building and machine-equipment industries: for producing cases for electrical and mechanical equipment, household appliances, measuring instruments and packaging

Manufacture of household goods

They are used to produce color-coated, that is, painted sheet steel, to produce trapezoidal sheet and to produce trapezoidal sheet under concrete.

The dyeing process of galvanized sheets, which are also used in the production of colored metal tiles, causes them to become an extra corrosion-resistant sheet. Galvanized sheets used in the production of trapezoidal sheet metal under concrete are dx51 quality.

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