Corrugated Galvanized Sheet Prices

galvanized corrugated sheet

Galvanized sheet products are obtained by coating hot rolled coils and low carbon cold rolled sheets with zinc by hot dipping method. According to the demands of the customers, products to be used as rolls, standard, desired lengths, ridge, trapezoidal, roller blind and corrugated or wall profiles are produced. Corrugated galvanized sheet prices are calculated depending on the width and thickness.

galvanized corrugated sheet
galvanized corrugated sheet

Corrugated Galvanized Sheet Manufacturing

Corrugated galvanized sheet production is obtained by passing zinc-coated flat sheets through form rollers. Corrugation is a process performed in accordance with TS 822 standards. Corrugated galvanized sheet has Dx51 quality. It is produced in thicknesses between 0.4 and 1 mm.

Corrugated Galvanized Sheet Advantages

Corrugated galvanize sheet metal has many advantages brought by zinc coating. The material is extremely long-lasting. Even when folded, there are no abrasions and spills on the coating part. It is suitable for plastering and deep drawing. It is easy to solder and paint. It has a fire resistant structure. Since it is an economical product, it can be preferred to be applied to large areas. It is a practical product to apply and protects the area where it is used against external factors. Since it can be installed easily, it saves time and labor. Since it provides practicality during transportation, breakage and deformation do not occur. It is easy to paint, it holds the paint perfectly and gives good results. It is not as difficult to disassemble as it is to be mounted.

Corrugated galvanized sheet roof and facade coatingsIt is used in the construction of prefabricated building elements, in the production of industrial facilities and aircraft hangars, in the construction of warehouses and closed facilities, in the construction of portable exhibition and fair galleries.

Corrugated Roof Sheet Dimensions

Corrugated galvanized sheet is manufactured from 1000 mm coiled sheets. The width of the material obtained after production decreases to 875 mm and the pitch height becomes 18/76.2. Here, 18 mm is the depth of the wave, while 76.2 is the width of the wave.

Corrugated Roofing Sheet Minimum maximum
Sheet Thickness 0.3mm 1.20mm
Sheet Length 1000mm 4000mm


 Corrugated Roofing Sheet

corrugated roofing sheet It ensures that different areas become resistant to atmospheric conditions. Since it is a light material, it is easy to carry to the roof. It increases the comfort of the area where it is used. The product can be applied with easily available materials such as a hammer, nail and hammer. It is a good material for garage applications.

Corrugated Roof sheet
Corrugated Roof sheet



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