DX52 + Z Galvanized Coils


What is DX52 Quality Galvanized Coil?

Although DX52 quality galvanized coil sheet is close to dx51 quality in terms of chemical properties, it is more suitable for plastering than dx51 quality galvanized steel. Dx52 quality steel galvanized sheet is actually the zinc-coated version of dc02, which is cold rolled coil sheet. As a result of the zinc coating, the dkp material is protected against corrosion. This process is called galvanizing.


Galvanized Steel DX52D + Z / GI / HDGI / Galvanized steel / Galvanized coil HGI / GI / Hot dipped Galvanized steel coil / Galvanized steel coil G550 z275/ zinc steel / steel coil / zinc steel coil / Hot dipped zinc steel coil /

DX52D + Z Galvanized Sheet

Product Description: GI COIL, GI SHEET, GI PLATES DX 51D / SGCC, G350, G550 Product Name: Hot dip galvanized steel coil /

Galvanized steel Coil / HDGI / GI / GI Coil /

GI sheet Base Metal: cold rolled steel coil

Surface condition: zero spangle, normal spangle, mini spangle, large spangle

Thickness: 0.15mm to 5.0mm Width: 600mm to 1500mm

Standard: AISI, ASTM653, BS, DIN, JIS3302, GB

Class: DX51D, DX52D / DX53D / DX54D, S350, S400, S450, S550, G550, SGCC, G350ST01Z, CSA, CSB, FSA, FSB, DDS

Zinc coating: from z60g/m2 to z600g/m2, z60g/m2, z80g/m2, z90g/m2 , z100g/m2, z120g/m2, z140g/m2, z150g/m2, z160g/m2, z160g/m2, z160g/m2, z160g/m2, z160g/m2, m2, z250g/m2, z275g/m2, z300g/m2, z400g/m2, z500g/m2, z600g/m2

Minimum order quantity: Per thickness

10 tons.

Certification: ISO9001

galvaniz çelik sac
galvanized steel sheet

DX52D + Z Galvanized Sheet Application Areas:

DX52 quality flat steels provide an advantage in easy shaping by providing softness with low yield and tensile strength.

DX51D top grades are increasingly capable of cold forming processes such as spinning and press forming.

Dx52 quality Application areas: Construction area; household appliances; Auto Industry

In addition to our hot-dip galvanized products, our Galvanized annealed (zinc-iron alloy coated) products are produced according to ASTM A-653 specifications.

Our electrogalvanized products comply with ASTM A-879. GI, HDGI, HGI, Hot dip Galvanized steel coil, zinc steel, steel coil, zinc steel coil, Hot dip zinc steel coil, HDGI, galvanized steel coil G550 z300, galvanized steel coil G350 z300, galvanized steel coil z275, gi coil, gi coils, galvanized steel, galvanized iron coil, galvanized coil, galvanized iron coil, galvanized steel, galvanized steel coil z275

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DX52D Chemical Analysis (1.0350): EN 10346-2009

C Si mn P S Ti
max 0.12 max 0.5 max 0.6 max 0.1 max 0.045 max 0.3


dx52 quality galvanized sheet newly developed hot dipped
with coating for steel products
ultimate corrosion protection properties
providing high performance coating
for all applications with zinc plated steel
is necessary.
• dx52 quality galvanized sheet zinc and small
magnesium fractions (% 1 to 2) and
aluminum (% 1 to 2).
• dx52 quality galvanized sheet offers outstanding corrosion
protection with fixed coating layers
features and significantly reduced
thickness compared to standard
hot dip galvanized layers (Z). salt spray
tests gave four corrosion resistance
five times more than the standard
• dx52 quality galvanized sheet convinces with superiority
varnish adhesion.
• dx52 quality galvanized sheet offers improved cutting edge
protection. Thanks to its special resistance
anti-corrosion effect
This was achieved by anticorrosive coating
significantly higher than the effects
produced by standard products, many
litigation after the procedure.

Dilme rulo sac, galvaniz dilme, Dilme bobin , dilme makinesi, rulo dilme fiyatları
Slitting coil sheet, galvanized slitting, Slitting coil, slitting machine, coil slitting prices

DX52 quality Mechanical properties

ReH Minimum yield strength / elastic minimale
Rm Tensile strength / A tensile strength
A Minimum elongation / Minimum elongation
J Notch impact test

DX52 quality Heat treatment conditions

+ Soft annealed
+ AC Annealed to make Carbides spherical
+ AR In rolls
+ AT Solution annealed
+ C Cold drawn / hard
+CR Cold rolled
+ FP Treated according to ferrite-perlite structure and hardness range
+ I Isothermal annealing
+ LC Cold drawn / soft
+ M Thermo mechanical rolling
+ N Normalized
+ NT Normalized and tempered
+ P Precipitation has hardened
+ PE Peeled
+ QA Air quenched and tempered
+ QL Liquid quenched and tempered
+ QT Quenched and tempered
+ S Increases Cover ability
+ SH Rolled and turned
+ SR Cold drawn and stress relieved
+T tempered
+ Treated to TH hardness range
+ WW Warm worked
+ U Unprocessed


Medicine steel grade Quality JIS G 3302 Usage Area
Low carbon steel and super carbon steel Quality DX51D+Z Joint Forming
Plastering DX52D+Z SGCC Steel suitable for plastering
Suitable for Deep Drawing DX53D+Z SGCD1 Steel suitable for deep drawing
Suitable for Extra Deep Drawing DX54D+Z SGCD2 Steel suitable for Extra Deep Drawing
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