Abbreviations for Elements

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Abbreviations and Symbols Used for Chemical Elements
Symbol Element
C Carbon
mn manganese
P Phosphorus
S Sulfur
Si Silicon
Get Aluminum
C Copper
N Nitrogen
HE IS Oxygen
H Hydrogen
Ca Calcium
Ti Titanium
V Vanadium
cr Chromium
Ni Nickel
B.C Molybdenum
nb Niobium (Columbium)
B Boron
Mr. tin
Fe Iron
Zn Zinc
pb Bullet
ace Arsenic
W Tungsten
Zr Zirconium
Rto yield strength
Rm tensile strength
Rp0.2 High temperature yield strength
BH2 Flowing after heating
amount of increase in strength
A Elongation (%)
A5 Elongation (L= 5.65x√S0)
A50 Elongation (L= 50mm)
A80 Elongation (L= 80mm)
A100 Elongation (L= 100mm)
A200 Elongation (L= 200mm)
S0 Cross-sectional area of test rod (mm²)
L0 Initial gauge length of test stick
D Nominal thickness (mm)
t Ton
r Permanent elongation rate
n Elongation-hardening exponent
Ra Surface roughness (µm)
Coup Impact test
KVc Impact energy, joules (J)
temp. Test temperature (˚C)
Folding folding test
kmy Folding mandrel radius
kmch Folding mandrel diameter
most. transverse test rod
size. Longitudinal test stick
HRB Rockwell-B hardness
min. Least
max. Most
= Equal
< Small
less than or equal
> Big
greater or equal
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