Galvanized profile production

Galvanized profile production

Galvanized profile In order to produce it, we first need to know the box profile production. Box profile production is roughly made by slicing the coil sheet and then joining and welding the two edge ends of the sliced sheet coil on the lines we call the roll form line.

How to produce galvanized profile?

Galvanized profile In order to produce the provinces, we first need to supply a steel coil sheet suitable for box profile production. Commercial quality steels used in box profile production are generally st 37 quality steel, st 44 quality steel or st 52 quality steel.

Galvanized Box profile galvanized coating

Galvanized coating Box profile It is a process that is done after it is produced. Box profiles are galvanized by the hot-dip method.

Why hot-dip galvanized box profiles are preferred?

Galvanized profile They are made from hot rolled or cold rolled sheets as raw materials. Cold rolled steel sheet or hot rolled steel sheet are susceptible to corrosion, that is, to rust by oxidation. This shortens the life of the steel. The lifespan of the corroded steel and the galvanized steel protected are different from each other. The service life of galvanized steel is 50 years on average, depending on the thickness of the coating.

The life of box profiles protected with galvanized coating can be seen as 50 years.

galvaniz kutu profil
galvanized box profile

Produced from galvanized sheet metal Galvanized profile It is not the right choice as it becomes open to corrosion from the welded part in case it is welded from the joints.

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Galvanized profile Production of Galvanized box profiles in different sizes

Galvanized angle iron production and galvanized box profiles are among the products that can be ordered through our company.

Our factory can produce galvanized profile and galvanized box profile. The bending strength with the outer weld edge is 800N/mm2. The annual production capacity of our company's hot-dip galvanizing line reaches 100,000 tons. It is suitable for products made of low carbon steel, low alloy steel and medium carbon steel.

Galvanized profile These are a new production concept that offers large profiles in addition to traditional galvanized sheets. Twice the productivity offers customers the opportunity to galvanize large profiles twice as fast, thus saving time.

We produce high quality galvanized box profiles. The features of box profile sheets are adjustable height and continuous linear lengths, high durability.

Galvanized profile In order to raise the standard and quality, our factory continues to produce new profile steel. We have a wide variety of pre-painted steel profiles and can cut and bend them according to our customers' requests.

We're professional galvanized profile manufacturers and suppliers in China. The high-quality galvanized profiles produced in our factory can be widely used in building, fence and other fields. Please be free to buy the best galvanized profiles for sale at competitive price from our factory.


Galvanizli Çelik Profil
Galvanized Steel Profile

The program identifies the specific requirements of each manufacturer and their customers to ensure that custom profiles meet the needs of each customer. The result is a unique portfolio of custom profiles made from different materials and a variety of surface finishes, including zinc-plated construction profiles.

Different Types of Galvanized Metal: Galvanizing, or as the most common name in this field, is the process of applying a protective zinc coating to steel or iron to prevent rusting. The term is derived from the name of the Italian scientist Luigi Galvani.

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