Galvanized open profile manufacturing istanbul

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Galvanized open profile manufacturing istanbul

Galvanized open profile They are produced in roll form machines. The galvanized sheet passing between the molds of the roll form machine takes a different shape with each mold and eventually comes to the desired open profile shape. The reason why the open profile is produced with galvanized sheet is because they are resistant to corrosion. Drywall profiles, container profiles or ges solar panel profiles are all manufactured using galvanized sheet metal.

alçıpan bölme duvar içi çelik profili
gypsum board partition wall steel profile

Open Profile Usage Areas

  • ventilation and air conditioning plants,
  • insulation and coating processes,
  • roof, facade, wall and ceiling coverings,
  • partition wall, between plasterboard panels
  • Curtain wall and suspended ceiling systems
  • PVC support sheets
  • Prefabricated building productions
  • Prefabricated wall and ceiling coverings

can be used for.

Galvanized open profile Types

  • Ceiling C Profile
  • Ceiling U profile
  • Wall U50 Profile
  • Wall C50 Profile
  • Wall U75 Profile
  • Wall C75 Profile
  • Wall U100 Profile
  • Wall C100 Profile
  • Gypsum Plaster Corner Profile
  • Gypsum Corner Profile
  • agraph
  • M profile
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