Galvanized Sheet Production

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How to Produce Galvanized Sheet

Galvanized sheet It is a product obtained by coating metallic zinc on flat steel material. It is used in many fields due to its corrosion resistant feature. It is especially important for materials used in open areas. The coated material provides long-term use without rusting. After plating, chromating or lubricating ensures higher quality of the zinc plating.

Galvanized sheet It has the C surface quality, which is called the highest quality. In this way, it is used in applications made on the surface. It has a bright appearance. It is easy to shape when subjected to depth or bending operations. Another plus of the coating is that it can be painted. If there is oil or similar processes on the surface, it should be cleaned before painting. In this way, it will achieve a perfect harmony with the paint.

It is necessary to conduct a salt test on the materials used in the automotive industry. Materials that pass the test successfully are ready to be used in production. Galvanized The materials pass this test without any problems and are ready to be mounted in various parts of the vehicle. Galvanized sheet is also used in the building industry. roof, door, profile It gives successful results in applications such as In the white goods sector, there is a need for materials that are galvanized in the internal parts of the devices. It has recently started to be used on exterior surfaces as well.

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By Hot Dip Method Galvanized Sheet Metal Production

The hot dip method is the most widely used in industry. galvanized sheet is the method of production. Zinc 419.5he isIt is a metal that melts at a temperature of C. 450-460he isIt shows volatile properties when exposed to higher temperatures such as C. Thus, it clings to solid iron by hot dipping method. The success of the method is due to the strong adhesion of iron and zinc. In our country, this process is done by automatic and semi-automatic machines. As changes are made in processes such as bath temperature, immersion time, cooling, there will be differences in the appearance of the coating.

Galvanized Sheet Production by Electro Dip Method

Galvanized hair Another method used in the production is the electro galvanized coating method. The anode and cathode electrodes must be immersed in an electrolyte-filled boiler. Zinc material is attached to the anode and iron material is attached to the cathode. Electrons from the anode stick to the surface of the cathode. At the last stage, passivation is done and the coating process is completed.

Galvanized Sheet Grades

  • DX51
  • DX52
  • DX53
  • DX54
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