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Road Barrier Manufacturing Types

çelik yol bariyeri üretimi

Steel Road Barrier Manufacturing Types Unlike other traffic control devices, steel road barriers are manufactured in one piece. This means that the process of producing steel road barriers is highly systematic. Steel Road barrier production line consists of several processes, and each has its own benefits and limitations. The main step in this process is rollforming, that is, the steel material […]

What is Hot Dip Galvanizing?


What is Hot Dip Galvanizing? Galvanization is the coating of steel immersed in molten 450-455 degrees. Galvanization is the coating of the metal with "Zinc" against corrosion. Galvanized coating is done in 2 ways, the first one is Electro Galvanized coating and the second one is Hot Dip Galvanized coating. Galvanized is made of iron or steel. Abrasion resistance is increased by coating the metal with zinc. The best way to prevent rust is coating […]

Galvanized Drywall Wall Profile Manufacturing Istanbul


Galvanized Gypsum Board Wall Profile Manufacturing Istanbul Galvanized Gypsum Board Profile Manufacturing We manufacture many open profiles in our Istanbul facility. Drywall profiles we manufacture: Wall u profile 0.30 mm Wall u profile 0.35 mm Wall u profile 0.40 mm Wall u profile 0.45 mm Wall u profile 0.50 mm Wall u profile 0.60 mm Wall c [ …]



İSTANBUL CEILING C PROFILE MANUFACTURING İstanbul ceiling c profile production is made between 0.40 mm and 0.70 mm. Suspended ceiling profiles and plasterboard ceiling c profiles are the same products. We make suspended ceiling profiles in our workshop located on the Anatolian side of Istanbul. Gypsum Plate Suspended Ceiling FEATURES It can be produced in preferred sizes according to the project. On the ceilings of the office and the entire interior, regardless of […]

Checkered Sheet Weights

baklavali sac ağırlıkları

Checkered sheet weights can be accessed from the table below. Checkered sheet plate size 1800 mm × 2400 mm, 2 mm thickness. Checkered sheet plate size 1750 mm × 1800 mm, 3 mm thickness. Checkered sheet plate size 1800 mm × 2000 mm, 2 mm thickness. Thickness 8 mm, width 1500 mm Black checkered steel plate, thickness 1.5 mm, […]

P295 grade steel

p295 kalite sac

P295 quality steel P295 quality boiler sheets are especially preferred in areas of use that are resistant to pressure. Grade C Si Mn PSN Altotal Cr Ni Mo Ti V Nb max. max. max. max. min. max. max. max. max. P235GH1,2) max. 0.16 0.35 0.603) – 1.20 0.025 0.010 0.0124) 0.020 max. 0.30 0.30 max. 0.08 0.03 0.02 […]

P235GH quality sheet features

P235 quality sheet P235 quality sheets are also referred to as pressure vessel steels. Since p235 quality steels are resistant to pressure, they are used in productions such as boiler production, pressure resistant oil boilers. P235GH quality sheet properties Grade C Si Mn PSN Altotal Cr Ni Mo Ti V Nb max. max. max. max. min. max. […]

Metal Roofing

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Metal Tile Coating Roof systems, which can be applied with metal tile coating with many metal materials, provide designers with a light, modern and long-lasting roof system. Metal roof trapeze applications made of painted sheet and galvanized sheet have different application techniques. Metal Roofing Metal roofing is long-lasting, detailed in such a way that it does not absorb […]

What is a Traffic Pole?, Traffic Poles manufacturers, Traffic Poles prices


What is a Traffic Pole? Traffic Poles are steel poles used for mounting warning traffic signs on the ground, which are mainly used to ensure safety on highways. Traffic Poles made of galvanized steel are resistant to harsh climatic conditions with their robust structure, resistance to corrosion. With its perforated structure made by drilling from the middle part of the traffic poles, the warning traffic sign and other […]

Omega Poles


Omega poles are a steel product used in the assembly of traffic signs and traffic signs used to provide safety on the roads. It can be used wherever large road signs are not needed. Omega poles are suitable for all weather conditions with their galvanized coating and are resistant to corrosion. The length of the omega pole is 2 m, 2.50 m, 3 m, 3.50 m and 4 m according to customer preference.

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