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How to produce teardrop patterned sheet metal?

Teardrop patterned sheets are produced from coil sheets. Whether it is stainless coil sheet or black coil sheet, the production method is the same. Stainless teardrop-patterned sheets usually come from China or Western Europe.

Patterned steel plate is a steel plate with a pattern shifted to the surface. This provides an easy-to-use product for many residential, industrial and architectural applications. Common designs include checkered, diamond and lentil patterns. Pattern steel in projects such as stair treads and flooring Teardrop patterned sheet is popular.

Teardrop patterned sheet is a sheet of steel with various patterns on its surface. It is mainly used for indoor applications and building applications.

patterned surface sheet metal (also known as button lock or siding) is a model with an embossed design. This product offers a handmade look and the beauty of wood at a fraction of the cost. Available in two patterns and five colours, this siding complements almost any architectural style.

Teardrop patterned sheet , applied in case of surface decoration. The most common base material used for model steel sheets are hot-dip galvanized steel sheets and pre-painted steel sheets. Patterned steel sheets can make the interior and exterior decoration of the house clean and beautiful, and it is not easy to get dirty.

Tear Patterned Sheet Models

Model steel sheets are sheets cut using a computer-controlled laser. It has many uses. They are used to cut small parts. Because they can hold a sharp edge and are easily heat treated, they are also used for cutting thin sheet metal parts, primarily stainless steel and aluminum, for aerospace and shipbuilding components. They can also be used as knives in slot machines and vending machines.

Patterned steel sheet is used in most decorative products such as roof tiles, cladding pieces and home applications. There are numerous types of pattern steel sheet in various shapes, including the round bar-shaped pattern, which further improves the surface area.

Model sheet steel is a high-end product in architecture, and its extremely rare consumption accounts for only %2 of the entire architecture. Due to its molds, its manufacture requires a more complex process. The surface of the cold-rolled steel sheet can be formed by a certain die mold, such as lentil mold, bean mold, round bean mold, flat bean mold, diamond mold, bar mold, etc.

The pattern is made by hot rolling the steel, and the rollers leave a certain pattern. This pattern will show up when you paint it. The pattern is not raised or indented like other sheet steel products, it is just a pattern on the surface.

Our model steel sheet combines a unique, intricate pattern with durability and easy forming flexibility. Applicable for indoor and outdoor use.

Patterned Sheet Models

Patterned steel sheet is also known as patterned galvanized steel sheet, but it is actually a stepped steel roofing tile. This product adopts color coating and cold-rolled galvanizing process to achieve high durability and multi-corrosion performance. In addition, the uniform appearance of the pattern steel sheet can completely replace the wood texture and imitation stone texture, so it has the characteristics of both building materials and home decorative materials.

Teardrop patterned sheet The sheet is steel sheet with a hammered texture created by rolling the sheet. The products have thin thickness, suitable for household appliances, furniture and other fields.

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patterned sheet metal

Patterned steel sheets are produced by embossing the steel with various patterns to give it a unique look. Particularly popular are our original Waku pattern, which is a wave-like pattern, and the Chopstick pattern with chopsticks printed inside.

Patterned steel sheet is hot rolled steel sheet produced in a factory with a patterned surface (the pattern consists of a series of diamonds in a rectangle). Patterned steel sheet is also known as checkered sheet or corrugated sheet.

Model steel sheets are mainly made of the main variable elements of carbon and manganese, but also commonly contain silicon, phosphorus, sulfur and other elements. The carbon quality, heat treatment process, and mechanical properties of steel plates can significantly affect the corrosion resistance of weathering steels.

When it comes to the different types of finishes available, we are able to provide patterned stainless sheets because we have a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Suitable as a decorative board for partition and interior trim. Choose from a wide variety of patterns to suit your design concept.

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