What is Tear Pattern Sheet?

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What is Tear Pattern Sheet?

Checkered plate or tear-patterned plates are written as checkered plate in English and even as diamond plate in some sources.

Checkered sheets or tear-patterned sheets are produced by hot rolling method. We can simply summarize the checkered sheet production as follows. Hot rolled coils are opened to the desired length with a length opening machine. Plate sheets, which are heated up to approximately 800 degrees, are passed between special rollers and are provided to take the shape on the roller. If we choose the plate sheet thickness of 4mm, the thickness will decrease to 3 mm after the production of checkered plate. The patterns on the checkered plate are 1 mm high. After hot rolling, the 4 mm sheet passing through the rolls is now 3 mm, but the patterns are 4 mm. For this reason, it is called 4/3 mm checkered sheet.

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Checkered sheets or tear-patterned hair Production thicknesses start from 2 mm and can go up to 10 mm. Checkered sheet or tear-patterned widths can be produced from 600 mm to 2000 mm. However, usually standard size 1000 mm or 1200 mm wide checkered sheet is preferred. Since the lengths of checkered or tear-patterned sheets are cut from roll sheets, they can be made in accordance with the desired color. Here too, checkered sheet or tear-pattern sheet metal of 2000 mm or 2400 mm length is in stock.

Steel sheet is a popular material for use in a variety of applications such as roofing, beams and beams, cars and trucks, pipelines, airplanes, and other industrial products. The plate consists of small thin pieces of steel welded together to form one large piece of metal. The sheet is usually rolled into a thin sheet and then cut into the desired shape.

Tear Pattern steel sheet can be welded using gas or arc welding, depending on the application. Tear Pattern steel Plate has good resistance to corrosion and abrasion, but does not have great heat deflection properties. This means it is not ideal for applications with high temperatures such as engine parts or air conditioners.

Teardrop Patterned sheet metal is used for a variety of applications, from construction to tools and everyday objects. Also known as floor plate or diamond plate steel, it is primarily used for non-slip applications. Tear pattern steel sheet has raised diamonds that provide excellent slip resistance for a wide variety of applications.

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Checkred stainless steel plate, diamond steel plate, Tear pattern plate, diamond pattern plate,

Tear pattern steel sheet is carbon steel sheet that has been specially treated to create an aesthetic surface that resembles a wavy or hand-torn paper surface. This product is perfect for complex or small shapes where the usual appearance of product surfaces is not important, as well as for applications that do not require high corrosion resistance.

Teardrop Patterned Sheet The plate is a natural charcoal cooking surface that reflects the heat and does not allow it to disperse. This allows for a much higher internal temperature (up to 200 degrees warmer)! Teardrop Pattern steel Plate picks up all the droplets and charcoal falling on it and adds an exotic flavor to your food.

Tear Patterned sac The plate is an original, one-of-a-kind mold created for the artist's series of metal sculptures. This effect is achieved by using a semi-absorbent fabric to transfer graphite from an original drawing to the surface of a copper or brass sheet. Each page is unique and cannot be copied in its entirety. Variations are possible upon request.

Teardrop Patterned Sheetis a type of steel produced from the hot steel rolling process. The raw material used is a slab (billet) heated to approximately 1,250°C, welded and rolled into a strip by a continuous hot rolling mill.

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