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Hea 400 Steel Profile Dimensions and Weights

Hea 400 Steel Profile Dimensions and Weights HEA 400 Steel Profile is a lightweight version of H beam steel. Its H-shaped cross-section provides lighter weight as it can be made from many different material grades. The two most common steel grades for HEAs are EN 10025 S275 and S355. They are also available in different flange widths and lengths. Their weight is about 350 g each. HEA 400 […]

HEA Profile Carrying Capacity and Strength Values

HEA Profile Carrying Capacity and Strength Values Although HEA profile is known as a building element in terms of product group, it is a profile group that is also used in machinery and equipment construction areas. These profiles, defined by the abbreviation consisting of the initials of the high energy astrophysics word group, are used as carrier elements with high strength value. These profiles, which are generally used in the fields of architecture and construction, […]

Hea profile Surface dimensions

Hea profile Surface dimensions Hea profile Dimensions and Hea profile Surface area dimensions are in the same table. SECTION SURFACE AREA AL AG AG m2/m m2/t HE 100 AA 0.553 45.170 HE 100 A 0.561 33.680 HE 100 B 0.567 27.760 HE 100 M 0.619 14.820 HE 120 AA 0.669 45.940 HE 120 A 0.677 34.060 HE 120 B […]

Hea Profile Dimensions

Hea Profil Ölçüleri Hea Profil Ölçüleri   Hea profil ağırlıkları ve hea profil tasarım ölçüleri aynı tablodadır. KESİT KESİT ALANI TASARIM ÖLÇÜLERİ A hi d Ø  pmin pmax cm2 mm mm mm mm HE 100 AA 15,60 80 56 M10 54 58 HE 100 A 21,24 80 56 M10 54 58 HE 100 B 26,04 […]

Hea Profile Dimensions


Hea profile weights and Hea profile dimensions are in the same table. Hea Profile Dimensions SECTION DIMENSIONS G hb tw tf r kg/m mm mm mm mm mm HE 100 AA 12.2 91 100 4.2 5.5 12 HE 100 A 16.7 96 100 5.0 8.0 12 HE 100 B 20.4 100 100 6.0 10.0 12 HE 100 […]

Hea Profile Weights

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  Hea Profile Weights The weights of the hea profiles, which are among the H profile types, are lighter than the heb profile and hem profile. The reason for this is that the h profile is the hea profile with the thinnest wall thickness. Hea profiles are named according to their dimensions. For example, a hea profile with an ear width of 100 mm is called hea 100. The wall thickness of the Hea 100s is 5 mm. This […]

What is HEA Profile?


European Hea profile standard profiles. It is called H Beam in English. There are different types of H profiles such as Hea, Heb, Hem. The hea profile designation comes from the ear width. Hea 100 profile is called the h dimension of the steel profile as seen in the figure below. That is, the height of the hea 100 profile is 100 mm. Hea profile production starts from 100 mm width to 1200 mm […]

Npi profile static values

Npi profil fiyatları

              STATIC VALUES Ipn profile dimensions STRONG AXIS yy WEAK AXIS zz G Iy Wel.y Wpl.y iy Avz Iz Wel.z Wpl.z iz ss It Iwx10-3 kg/m cm4 cm3 cm3 cm cm2 cm4 cm3 cm3 cm mm […]

Omega Mast

Omega Poles Omega poles are galvanized steel poles that are generally used for the installation of warning traffic signs used to ensure safety on highways. Made of galvanized steel, omega poles are resistant to harsh climatic conditions with their robust structure and resistance to corrosion. Warning traffic sign and other […]

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