Istanbul Metal Tile Prices

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Istanbul Metal Tile Prices

Istanbul metal tile prices It varies for each project. The size of the application area directly affects this issue. Therefore, before applying to homes or workplaces, measurements are taken and average figures are determined accordingly.

In addition, the quality of the work done and the metal used is an important factor on the prices. It can be easily applied to different roof types and has a practical and durable structure. All operations must be done carefully if the best solutions are to be obtained.

Flooring can be applied not only on existing roofs, but also on concrete floors, roofs with under-tile boards, and roofs covered with flat surface material. There is no restriction in this regard.

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Istanbul Metal Tile What are the advantages?

Istanbul What is metal tile It is a roofing material made of steel, the raw material of which is steel zinc coated. Using electrostatic paint technology, the bottom layer is painted with aces. The top is painted with primer and polyester.

The advantage of these systems is seen both from an aesthetic and practical point of view. Since it has different color options, it can be prepared to suit everyone's taste. It also offers a modern, elegant aesthetic in terms of appearance.

When examined from a practical point of view, its light structure is seen. Thus, it saves you time and transportation. It is possible to implement the system in a short time. Since it has a durable structure, it has a structure that can withstand all climatic conditions.

maintenance free Istanbul metal tilesDoes not show cracking or breakage. Therefore, it is possible to use it for many years without any problems or negativity. It allows you to save on material as it does not require wooden flooring and does not require waterproofing materials. Thus, it also has an economic structure.

It also saves labor and time as assembly processes are easy. Thus, it is more economical than other tile types. How long is the life of Istanbul Metal tile? It is used in Russia, America, Europe and Scandinavian countries as well as Turkey and has a lifespan of approximately 100 years.

Istanbul Metal Tile How is it applied?

Metal tiles are applied differently according to each roof type. Although it is applied differently to existing roofs, flat concrete floors and other systems, metal tile, which is the raw material, must be produced at the highest quality in order to avoid problems and to see all its advantages.

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