Istanbul Traffic Pole – Omega pole istanbul

İstanbul Trafik Direği - Omega direk istanbul

Istanbul Traffic Pole – Omega pole istanbul mainly used to ensure safety on the roads  warning traffic signused for floor mounting steel poleit ends.
Made of galvanized steel, omega poles are resistant to harsh climatic conditions with their robust structure and resistance to corrosion.
omega poleWith its perforated structure made by drilling from the middle part of the rails, it makes it possible to easily mount the warning traffic sign and other materials at the desired height.

Prices of omega poles It depends on several different materials.
Omega poles are manufactured from black sheet metal.
The change in black sheet prices also changes the omega pole prices.
Omega poles can be manufactured between 2 meters and 5 meters.
In Omega pole production, the number of holes on it changes according to the production of 2 meters and 5 meters.
The number of holes on the omega pole is also the cost. Omega pole pricesalso affects.
We said that Omega pole prices depend on the black rolled sheet prices used.
Omega poles can be manufactured from black rolled sheet Steel with a thickness of two and a half millimeters to 5 millimeters. Omega pole manufacturing thickness of the sheet to be used for omega pole  affects the price.
General Directorate of Highways generally prefers Omega poles with a thickness of 4 millimeters and a length of two and a half meters.

 For example, let's explain the production of Omega poles from a 4 mm thick sheet and the calculation of Omega pole price. Let's calculate the sheet metal we will buy for the production of the Omega pole as 4 millimeters, the width of 1500 millimeters and the length of the Omega pole as two and a half meters.
Sheet weight calculation formula: thickness x width x height x specific gravity (7,85)/1000000 = kg

That is, if we assume that we will manufacture an omega pole with a width of 149 from a sheet of sheet metal.
10 omega poles can be produced from a plate of hot rolled sheet. For each omega pole, 1 mm wastage is left when cutting the sheet metal. The reason for this is that the omega pole width is calculated from 149 mm instead of 150 mm.

Istanbul Traffic Pole – Omega pole istanbul weight calculation: 4 x 149 x 2500 x 7.85 / 1000000 = 11.70 kg omega pole is the weight of one pole. Galvanized coating and holes are not taken into account in this weight calculation.

Istanbul Traffic Pole – Omega pole istanbul FEATURES

  • Omega poles are hot-dip galvanized. Galvanized omega pole has an average life of 20 years.
  • Omega pole sheet thicknesses can be 3 mm, 4 mm or 5 mm depending on preference.
  • More than one warning sign can be attached to the omega poles.
  • 2 meters omega pole, 2.5 meters of omega poles, 3 meters of omega poles, 4 meters of omega poles or 5 meters of omega poles can be produced.
  • There are 40 to 120 holes on the Omega pole. Omega pole hole spacing is 20 mm. Omega post hole size is 10 mm.
  • Omega pole has no maintenance cost.
  • Omega pole can be used indoors and outdoors.
  • Omega pole prices are economical.
  • It can be easily mounted with an Omega pole hammering machine.
  • Omega pole manufacturing can be made to the desired extent.

Istanbul Traffic Pole – Omega pole istanbul PRICES

Omega pole prices While calculating, we need to look at the two most important item sheet prices and galvanized coating prices. Current sheet pricesYou can view it at this link. Galvanized coating prices vary according to the surface of the area to be coated or the tonnage of the material to be galvanized.

2.5 mm omega pole price 76.46 TL/PCS (Prices vary according to costs)
3 mm omega pole price 83.76 TL/PCS (Prices vary according to costs)
4 mm omega pole price 98.34 TL/PCS (Prices vary according to costs)
5 mm omega pole price 112.93 TL/PCS (Prices vary according to costs)
As can be seen, omega pole prices vary according to sheet thickness and length. The prices given above are calculated according to the length of 2500 mm.

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