Laser Cut Istanbul

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Laser Cut Istanbul

Laser Cut Istanbulis a concentrated beam of light of a single wavelength. Every light has a wavelength. A separate wavelength is used for metal cutting, a separate wavelength is used for laser cutting of galvanized sheet metal, and a separate wavelength is used for cnc laser cutting of stainless sheet metal. In other words, the light absorption capacity of each metal is different, and this is also the case. Laser Cut Istanbul It is also related to the thickness of the material to be cut and the surface condition.

That is, different materials absorb, reflect and transmit laser light in different amounts. For a cnc metal laser cutting process, it is important to choose the appropriate wavelength for the material you intend to cut. Since the laser energy is directed directly to the material surface, the material absorbs a lot of energy and light due to the rapid heating from the melting temperature to the degradation temperature. cnc laser cutting The machine works by focusing a CNC laser light beam onto a metal plate. Laser Cut Istanbul –  The laser light is so high that when focused, it raises the temperature of the metal material to be cut enough to melt or vaporize the material, making the cut with a very small focus.

Laser cut Istanbulremoves the molten material formed during the cutting from the metal plate cut with the gas. This cnc cutting method is a method used especially in the cutting of plate sheets. Laser Cut Istanbul in the thickness you want with our machines in different lengths and widths. sheet metal laser cutting we can.

laser cutting prices in istanbul
laser cutting prices in istanbul

Istanbul Laser Cutting Prices

Laser Cut Istanbul It can cut many metal materials with high precision, such as steel cutting, copper plate cutting, aluminum plate cutting, stainless steel sheet cutting, laser angle pipe cutting, laser angle profile cutting, with laser sheet metal cutting machines in our facility in Istanbul. Cnc Laser cutting Machines are also used in cutting different materials, apart from the movable heads and the plate we call angled or 3d cutting. Many steel or metal materials laser cutting is possible, such as H profile cutting or Weldless pipe cutting. In the world % forecasts that the laser cutting machine market will grow at a rate of 8.04 in 2017-2021.

Istanbul Laser Cutting Methods

In cutting using lasers, cnc laser cutting methods differ according to the type of metal material to be cut. cnc laser cutting There are many different methods of different types used for Some of the methods are evaporation, melt and blow, melt blow and burn, thermal stress cracking, scraping, cold cutting and combustion stabilized laser cutting.

Laser cutting – Evaporation cutting

In evaporation, the focused beam segment heats the surface of the material to its boiling point and creates a keyhole. The keyhole quickly deepens the hole, causing a sudden increase in absorbency. As the hole gets deeper and the material slides, the steam produced erodes the molten walls by blowing ejecta, making the hole larger. Non-melting materials such as wood, carbon and thermoset plastics are usually cut with this method.

Laser cutting -melt and blow

Melt and blow or fusion laser cutting uses high pressure to blow the molten material formed from the meeting of flame and gas in this laser cutting method from the cutting area. With this method, the power requirement of laser sheet metal cutting is greatly reduced. After the material is heated to its melting point, a gas is blown at high pressure onto the molten sheet metal material, and the cutting process takes place. This eliminates the need to further increase the temperature of the material. The materials that are cnc cut with this process are usually metal.

Laser cutting -fiber laser

Fiber laser cutting machines are the most powerful way of cnc laser cutting. Fiber laser CO₂ is much more powerful compared to laser cutting. The fiber laser cutting fiber is actively transmitted to the cutting head of the machine. Fiber laser cutting is smaller than CO₂. Fiber laser cutting istanbul is suitable for processing metal sheets such as steel plate (sheet plate), stainless steel plate, aluminum plate, copper plate or brass plate.

Laser cutting - Reagent cut-off

Reactive laser sheet cutting is generally sheet metal cuttingis one of the methods used in This cutting method, known as flame cutting, is one of the slowest methods. Although it is slower than other laser cutting methods, the thickness of sheet metal materials for which cnc laser cutting is desired can increase.

Laser Cut Istanbul
Laser Cut Istanbul

Laser Cutting Prices Istanbul

Laser cutting prices vary according to the thickness of the sheet material to be cut and the dimensions of the cnc laser cutting to be made. The reason for this change is reflected in the laser cutting prices. If laser sheet metal cutting is to be made, since the thickness of the sheet metal plate to be cut and its size on the plate affect the cutting speed. laser sheet cutting prices calculation changes. Laser cutting prices are calculated according to cm / sec. Because of that laser cutting prices When calculating, many criteria are examined. The difference between the prices of stainless steel laser cutting and galvanized sheet laser cutting is also due to the surface condition of the sheet metal plate to be cut.

In the table below, it is shown, as an example, how long the metal plate of which thickness will be cut with a laser. Laser cutting prices are calculated according to cm/sec. we mentioned. Since laser sheet metal cutting and laser aluminum cutting are different structures, the time to be spent in cnc laser cutting varies at the same rate.

Laser Metal Cutting Prices

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