Metal Roof Gutter Prices

corrugated Roofing Sheet

Metal roof gutter prices vary depending on the size of the area to be used, the material to be used in production and the design. The need for a crane when applying for large structures is another factor that affects the price. Although the cost increases in long-term labor, the result obtained will satisfy you.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing systems are made to protect the structure against weather conditions such as rain, snow and wind. It is applied to roofs with a roof slope of at least %3 and roofs with circular and vaulted sections. It can be easily mounted on almost any structure. For long roofs, it allows covering using a single sheet. It is a type of coating suitable for expansion and takes a short time to assemble. Depending on the place to be applied, materials with different appearances such as flat plate or stepped step can be produced. Thus, you can protect your buildings in the best way without sacrificing the image with different designs.

corrugated Roofing Sheet
corrugated Roofing Sheet

Metal Roofing Materials

Metal roofing materials are PPGI, aluminum, zinc and copper. It is aimed to minimize the load to be put on the structure with the material to be used in production. Those made of aluminum alloy attract attention with their structures that are resistant to even acid rain. In addition, aluminum is a light and economical material. According to customer demand, coating can be obtained in different colors by adding paint. Those made of copper have a unique aesthetic appearance. Made from zinc galvanized or produced by mixing titanium. galvanized steel It shows the features of stainless steel, making the product more durable. Titanium, on the other hand, increases the durability of the material with its strength. The material produced with a titanium-zinc mixture is waterproof and suitable for recycling.

Metal Roof Purlin Account

Metal roof purlin account entered into force in 2018 steel It is done in accordance with the Regulation on the Design, Calculation and Construction Principles of the Buildings. Thanks to this calculation, which is used in almost every project, the profile dimensions suitable for the project are determined. Metal roof purlin calculation can be done with the excel table developed in accordance with the regulation. You can reach the metal roof purlin account table here. You can learn the results after you enter the information requested from you in the table. The table will be updated according to the changes to be made in the regulation.


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