Omega Direct Istanbul

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Omega Direct Istanbul

Omega pole is placed on the roadsides of Istanbul to ensure safety.  warning traffic signThey are galvanized coated steel poles used to assist in the assembly of the poles. your omega poles Being made of galvanized steel, its robust structure, resistance to oxidation, that is, corrosion, makes it resistant to different climatic conditions. Perforated Omega poles allow height adjustment in the assembly of warning traffic signs and other similar signs.

Omega pole price

Omega Direct Istanbul

Reasons for choosing omega plate poles:

  •  Galvanized coated,
  • It is long lasting,
  • The difference from the pipe poles is that the plates remain stable and do not rotate,
  • Since the number of holes is high, the plate can be mounted at the desired height.
  • It is easy to assemble,
  • More than one plate can be attached to the omega poles,
  • Reuse is possible,
  • Omega poles are hard to bend,
  • Omega poles have an average life of 20 years,

Omega Mast Manufacturing Dimensions

  • Omega pole (3mm) 2 mt
  • Omega pole (3mm) 2.5 m
  • Omega pole (3mm) 3 mt
  • Omega pole (3mm) 3,5 m
  • Omega pole (3mm) 4 mt
  • Omega pole (4mm) 2 mt
  • Omega pole (4mm) 2.5 m
  • Omega pole (4mm) 3 mt
  • Omega pole (4mm) 3,5 m
  • Omega pole (4mm) 4 mt
  • Omega pole ( 5mm ) 2.5 m
  • Omega pole (5mm) 3 mt
  • Omega pole (5mm) 3.5 mt
  • Omega pole (5mm) 4 mt

Omega pole We manufacture omega poles in desired dimensions in our Istanbul manufacturing workshop. Our monthly omega pole production capacity is over 20000 pieces. Omega direct located in Istanbul Dudullu omega pole manufacturing We produce in our facility. We are producing omega poles for many large companies as a subcontractor. In the last 4 years, we have produced omega poles and traffic signs for many tenders of the General Directorate of Highways.

Omega Mast Prices

Prices of omega poles It depends on several different materials. Omega poles are produced from black sheet metal. The change in black sheet prices also changes the omega pole prices. Omega poles can be manufactured between 2 meters and 5 meters. In Omega pole production, the number of holes on it changes according to the production of 2 meters and 5 meters. The number of holes on the omega pole is also the cost. Omega pole pricesalso affects.

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