Rolled Sheet Cutting

plate sheet

Products we produce on our Cutting Line

We can process many steel products in our coil sheet cutting line. Some of them are;

  • Hot Rolled Roll Cut
  • So?uk Rolled? Roll Cut
  • Galvanized Coil Steel Sheet Cutting
  • Boyal Roll Cut
  • Stainless Steel Coil Cutting
  • Aluminum Roll Cutting
  • Alumine Roll Cutting

We have set up special cutting lines to cut different types of rolls.

We pay special attention to products that require special care against scratches, such as stainless sheet metal.

Whether hot rolled sheet or galvanized sheet, we can cut to length in any size you want.

After cutting, we wrap the coils with steel hoops to prevent slipping during loading and shipment.

With our packaging unit, we can pack products such as galvanized sheet, cold steel sheet, stainless steel sheet with special steel packaging to protect them from external factors.

When your rolled sheets are uncoiled, sometimes the sheet surface may be broken. In order to take this situation under control and to obtain a smooth surface, we use an ironing sheet uncoiler.

Cold Rolled Roll Cut

0.25 mm ? 3 mm

Hot Rolled Roll Cut

1.5 mm ? 30 mm

Galvanized Coil Cutting

0.25 mm ? 3 mm

Stainless Roll Cutting

0.30 mm ? 6 mm

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