P Group Boiler Sheets

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What are P Group Boiler Sheets?

P group boiler sheets Another name for pressure vessel steels. Their most well-known feature is that they are well welded. When welding sheets with a cross section of less than 25 mm, there is no hardening tendency in the heat-affected zone, that is, in HAZ. In this way, almost all welding techniques can be welded without any problems. It was observed that the hardness of the ones larger than 25 mm increased in the ITAB region. For this reason, pre-annealing is done before welding. If needed, stress annealing should also be done after welding. Depending on the heat treatment, the welding capabilities of the sheets may increase or decrease.

They maintain their durability in high temperature conditions. They have good plasticity and toughness properties even when subjected to high pressure. They are not easily deformed. In this way, they can be used for a long time without decomposition.

Used in many fields of industry boiler sheets consists of different components. The higher the carbon content, the higher the hardness and strength. Alloying elements are added as the increase in material hardness may cause fractures. In this way, the material is used for a long time at different temperatures.

p235gh mechanical specs
p235gh mechanical specs


P235GH Quality material according to EN 10216-2 standard non-alloy steel is defined as. It is used as an auxiliary part in the production of boilers in the industry. about 150-200he isIt remains intact up to C. It has also been found to withstand higher temperatures when used in steam boilers. It can be processed easily as it is suitable for cold forming. The code of P235GH sheets produced only by Erdemir in our country is 6335. This code in the product catalog is suitable for use under high temperature and pressure. boiler sheets defined as steel.


Often used in the oil, gas and chemical industries P265GH, seamless steel is from the pipes. 450 he isIt can withstand temperatures up to C. Therefore, it is frequently preferred in boiler and pipe production. P235GH When compared with the material, it is seen that it has similar chemical properties. But Carbon content is higher, Manganese content is lower. The beneficial effects of manganese appear as the carbon ratio increases. steelIt increases the strength while reducing the unwanted ductility. Due to these properties, it has higher tensile strength. In this way, better efficiency can be obtained.


Used in the manufacture of pressure vessels and pipes carrying hot liquids. P355GH, good weldability steelare among the Its carbon and manganese components are higher than P265GH.

It is very important that the material you buy is suitable for your place of use. For example, if you are going to produce a pressure vessel that you will use at very high temperatures, purchasing the P235GH material will not work. If you are undecided about material selection, please contact us. support You can take. We can ensure that you choose the best material with our experienced engineer staff.

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