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PPGI prices

PPGI has different uses. Its most common use is roofing and siding. In roof covering, it is generally preferred as non-panel, that is, painted trapezoidal sheet. Painted sheets are mounted in trapezoidal form to protect the steel structure or your building against adverse climatic conditions such as rain, heating from sunlight, cold weather and snow. Painted sheets are also used in the manufacture of roof panels and facade panels. PPGI and painted trapezoidal sheets are the same products. The difference between the painted trapeze and the painted panel is that the panel material is covered with polyurethane material.

PPGI production 

Colored sheet production is made using galvanized coils. The galvanized coating of the galvanized sheets used in the production of painted sheet metal is generally preferred as 100 gr / m2. Atmospheric resistance of 100 gr/m2 galvanized sheets is stated as 50 years on average. With its coating with galvanized sheet paint, its lifespan approaches 100 years. The paint on the painted sheet provides both the protection of the sheet material from harsh climatic conditions and an aesthetic appearance. Paint is coated on one side by passing the rolled galvanized sheet through the painted roller.

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PPGI production, PPGI manufacturer, PPGI prices istanbul, gebze PPGI firm, istanbul PPGI manufacturers

The most used PPGI colors in PPGI production

  • ral 9002
  • ral 9016
  • ral 3004
  • ral 3005
  • ral 3009

Different colors of painted sheet metal can be produced.


PPGI prices

There are many factors that determine PPGI prices. The main factors determining PPGI prices are;

  • Galvanized sheet thickness
  • Galvanized sheet width
  • Galvanized sheet coating thickness
  • Galvanized sheet prices
  • PPGI color selection
  • PPGI coating thickness
  • PPGI paint prices

countable. The production environment must be clean while producing tinted sheet metal. Any foreign substance that will adhere to the paint may cause deformation of the surface. The reason for swelling or problems on the painted sheet surface may not be due to the paint alone. The galvanized sheet used may also be the result of getting wet before being painted or exposed to a similar rust-forming effect. First quality galvanized coil sheet should be preferred so that the paint of the painted sheet does not swell and spill. In the painted sheets made using second quality galvanized sheet, spilling of the paint, swelling of the paint and deterioration on the surface of the painted sheet may occur in the future.

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