Stainless sheet weight calculation


Stainless steel sheet weights are determined according to the plate dimensions. The specific gravity of the steel is taken as 7,85. Accordingly, it is 1 mm thick, 1 meter wide and 2 meters long. stainless sheet The plate weight is approximately 16 kg. The weight calculation formula of the stainless steel sheet plate is as follows.

(Thickness x Width x Length x 7.85 )/1000000 = Kg

 Stainless Steel Sheet Weights  
THICKNESS (mm)1000x2000mm1250x2500mm1500x3000mm
Plate WeightPlate Weight Plate Weight
0.406.4 Kg10 kg14.4 Kg
0.508 kg12.5 Kg18 Kg
0.609.6 Kg15 Kg21.6 Kg
0.7011.2Kg17.5 Kg25.2 Kg
0.8012.8Kg20 Kg28.8 Kg
1.0016 Kg25 Kg36 Kg
1.2019.2Kg30 kg43.2 Kg
1.5024 Kg37.5 Kg54 Kg
2.0032 kg50 Kg72 Kg
2.5040 Kg62.5 Kg90 Kg
3.0048 Kg75 Kg108 Kg
4.0064 Kg100 Kg144 Kg
5.0080 Kg125 Kg180 Kg
6.0096 Kg150 Kg216 Kg
7.00112 Kg175 Kg252 Kg
8.00128 Kg200 Kg288 Kg
10.00160 Kg250 Kg360 Kg
12.00192 Kg300 Kg432 Kg
15.00240 Kg375 Kg540 Kg
18.00288 Kg450 Kg648 Kg
20.00320 Kg500 Kg720 Kg
25.00400 Kg625 Kg900 Kg
30.00480 Kg750 Kg1080 Kg
35.00560 Kg875 Kg1260 Kg
40.00640 Kg1000 Kg1440 Kg
45.00720 Kg1125 Kg1620 Kg
50.00800 Kg1250 Kg1800 Kg

Stainless steel sheet weight calculation Formula: Length (m) x Width (m) x Thickness (mm) x 7.80. This tool is useful for calculating the weight of a stainless steel sheet, plate or circle.

Stainless Steel Sheet Weight calculation formula

This tool is designed to calculate the weight of stainless steel sheet. The calculation for each page size is as follows:

Enter the total weight of the stainless sheet using this tool. Calculator calculation data displayed in web page output fields.

stainless sheet The weight can be calculated as follows. We use an example for nickel steel material and stainless steel sheet with the following data size: Length = 2000mm (2m), Width = 1000mm, Thickness = 0.5mm, Weight Calculation: Weight (g) = (2000)


This tool is used to calculate the weight of the stainless steel sheet. These calculators can be used for any stainless or non-ferrous metal, including nickel alloys and titanium.

This sheet calculates the weight of a stainless steel sheet given in length, width and thickness.

Sheet weight calculation is available for the following steel types: steel sheets with a thickness of 0.4-10.0 mm and a width of 1000-2000 mm; Steel sheets with a thickness of 10.0-16.0 mm and a width of 1500-2000 mm; Steel strips 0.50-3.00 mm thick, 100 – 1800 mm wide


This application calculates the weight of a page. For example, calculate the weight of a 6′ x 3′ x 1/2″ steel plate. Weight will be displayed in both metric and imperial measurements.

This Calculator can be used to calculate the weight of a sheet of material. First, use the drop-down menus to select the thickness of the material in inches and the material type. After that, just fill in some basic measurements and you will get an estimate of how much the material will weigh. You can also optionally enter a price per pound or per square foot for the weight conversion.

Sheet metal is any metal that can be made into a thin flat piece. Sheets are widely used in the stainless steel industry. Typically, a sheet of stainless steel measures about 4 feet by 8 feet and weighs about 500 pounds. We have provided some charts below for you to reference the most common stainless steel props.

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