Coil cut to length

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Coil Cut to Length

It is the machine line produced for cutting coiled sheets.

Coil sheets can be cut to the desired length in these lines.

Special equipment is required for cutting metal sheets with different properties.

Stainless coil sheet cutting machine and Hot rolled coil sheet machines have different features.

Stainless coil sheet cut to length, galvanized coil sheet cut to length and Cold rolled coil sheet cut to length can be done in the same coil sheet cut to length line.

steel service centerlocated in Thin coil sheet cut-to-length line thick coil sheet requires more attention and care than the cut-to-length line.

First of all, although the weight of the coil sheets is 10 tons on average, the thinner the sheet thickness, the more the tonnage, but the number of processes will increase as the length of the coil sheet increases.

Of course, this situation will also be reflected in the cut-to-length prices of coiled sheet metal. Therefore, there are different machines in the roll sheet cut-to-length line.

Machines in the cut-to-length line;

  • Loading trolley to cut-to-length line of coiled sheet metal
  • uncoiler
  • Sheet straightening machine (straightens the curled end of the roll)
  • Servo drive (Used to move the end of the sheet forward)
  • Sheet ironing and straightening
  • Sheet Loop pit (takes the tension of sheet)
  • Guillotine scissors (Cuts the rolled sheet to the desired size)
  • Plate sheet stacking unit
  • Packaging (Packs the sheets in the form of plates)
  • paper rewinder and pvc coating machine

       1. Roll sheet loading trolley

In order for the coiled sheet to be loaded onto the roll-to-length cutting line, the coiled sheets are placed on this vehicle horizontally or vertically according to the shape of the line.

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        2. Coil opener

Roll sheet length opening ;

  • Carrying capacity: 0.5 tons – 25 tons
  • Roller turning diameter :1000 mm- 2000 mm
  • Uncoiler drive :AC Motor
  • Roll straightening system :Hydraulic
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      3. Coil Straightener

Roll Rectifier; It is a method of reducing the stresses that occur during hot or cold winding of coiled sheets by passing them between pressurized rollers. They are the machines that straighten the deformation caused by the coil sheet tension by applying deformation.

     4. Roll Servo Drives

Servo drives precision drive length, no limit on drive length,
It has advantages such as being reliable and communication between press and die. Servo drives are a system that can be worked safely for the operations to be done.

      5.Roll Sheet ironing and straightening

After the rolled sheets are rolled again, they are exposed to stresses when unfolding because they take that shape. This causes deformations on the surface of the sheet and even sheet fractures. The breakage of a coiled sheet cannot be compensated later.

Roll hair If it fluctuates while booting, it is very difficult to solve this problem. With the method mentioned as sheet ironing, fluctuation and fracture formation are prevented while the rolled sheet is being opened. Roll sheet ironing are machines that work with the logic of plastic deformation. Coil sheet cutting line rectifiers are generally standard rectifiers, for high precision sheet metal straightening, you need to specify before ordering the sheet metal to be cut.

       6. Loop Pit

Loop pits are pits that go down to a depth of about 5 meters to 8 meters.

The width of the loop pit is generally 2200 mm, that is, 2.2 meters.

Loop pit is used to reduce the length differences and sheet stresses that occur according to the thickness of the sheets in the coil sheet slitting and sheet cut to length lines.

Coil Slitting Line and coil sheet cut-to-length line has different amount of loop pits. The reason why there are two loop pits in the coil sheet slitting line is to reduce the stresses on the wiped sheet after the coil sheet is slit. Therefore, there is one loop pit in the coil sheet cut-to-length line and two loop pits in the coil sheet slitting line.

        6. Coil Guillotine Shears

Coil sheet is now the sheet metal cutting line that turns it into sheet metal. The guillotine shear system, which enables the rolled sheets to be cut to the desired length, turns the sheet into a plate in the dimensions specified in mm.

We can say that the guillotine shear is the last machine of the roll length cutting line.

After the rolled sheet is cut, it is transferred to the stacking or packaging area.

         7. Coil Stacking Unit

It is the part that ensures the automatic and smooth overlapping of the rolled sheet metal cut-to-length process.
It consists of stacking of plate sheets, belt conveyors, hydraulic lift and auxiliary apparatus for regulating plate sheets.

         8. Roll Sheet Packaging 

After the rolled sheets are cut into plates, they are packaged before shipment.

Packaging options vary according to the type of plate sheets.

PVC protection coating or paper protector may be required for stainless steel sheets.

Galvanized plate sheets It is tried to be protected from atmospheric corrosion and other weather conditions by wrapping it in special packages that prevent moisture.

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