Coil Cutting Prices

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Rolled Sheet Cutting 

Cutting will be done roll sheet cutting They can be of different types and sizes. Coil sheet cutting lines for different thickness and types are also different. Coil sheet cutting lines are generally of two types. It is thin coil sheet cutting line and thick coil sheet cutting line. According to the thickness of the coil sheet coil sheet cutting prices is also changing.

Thin coil sheet cutting line

Thin roll cutting lines have the capacity to cut coiled sheet between 0.20 mm and 3 mm. Generally, stainless coil sheets, cold rolled coil sheets, galvanized coil sheets, aluminum coil sheets and coated coil sheets are cut in thin coil sheet cutting lines. After the stainless and aluminum cutting process, special packaging materials are also used to put paper between two sheets or plate sheets. Since the surfaces of stainless steel sheets are very sensitive, a separate protection paper can be placed.

Tin cut lines are very thin requiring special precision. Thin roll cutting established for the facilities. tin sheets are called sheets between 0.11 mm and 0.22 mm. Since tin sheets are so thin and sensitive, the packaging process also requires special care.

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Thin roll sheet cutting line features:

  • Roll weight: max 17 tons
  • Roll inner diameter: min 508 – max 610 mm
  • Roll outer diameter: max 1800 mm
  • Sheet Thickness: min 0.30 mm – max 2.5 mm
  • Sheet Width: min 400 mm – max 1730 mm
  • Cutting Length: min 600 mm – max 6000 mm
  • Ironing Speed: 100 m/min.
  • Cutting Tolerance: +- 0.5 mm

The information given above is for general purposes, please ask for a quote for coil sheet cutting prices.

Thick Coil Cutting Line

Thick roll sheet cut to length lines are steel service center machines installed to cut coiled sheets between 1.5 mm and 30 mm, usually installed for hot rolled sheets. The front rollers of the thick roll sheet cutting machines are made especially suitable for ironing sheet metal.

With sheet ironing, hot rolled coil sheets can be turned into plate sheets with surface smoothness and without fractures. Sheet ironing is a must-have machine for hot rolled coils. Sheet ironing can be done on rolled sheets without edge trim and on rolled sheets with edge trims. Rolled sheet ironing can prevent cracks, fluctuations and surface defects that may occur on the sheet surface.

Thick roll length cutting line features:

  • Max Roll weight: 25 tons
  • Roll inner diameter: min 600 mm – 800 mm
  • Roll outer diameter: max 1950 mm
  • Sheet Thickness: min 2 mm – max 30 mm
  • Sheet Width: min 750 mm – 2000 mm
  • Cutting Length: 12000 mm
  • Ironing Speed: 50 m/min.

Coil sheet cutting prices It varies according to the material to be processed.

Get the perfect cut every time with coiled sheet cutting!

One of the latest developments in customized manufacturing technology is the use of lasers to cut fabrics. This process is often called laser cutting. There are many advantages to using lasers in fabric cutting. The most important advantage is that the laser cut edge is very clean and has no worn edges. The fabric can be cut quickly and easily with little waste. Lasers can also be used to cut patterns in fabric, allowing further customization of the finished product.


Simplify Your Sheet Metal Cutting

a quality roll sheet cutting For tool, rolling and iron-on coil sheet cutter is an excellent option. This type of cutter is easy to use and can help speed up your sheet metal cutting. Also, because it uses a laser beam, it produces clean and accurate cuts of length every time.

Roller sheet cutting Perfect for use with a wide variety of materials including sheet metal, aluminum, stainless. Also great for making small rolls or cuts to any desired length.

Rolled Sheet Cutting technology is becoming a popular choice for businesses that want to make precise cuts in materials. Unlike conventional cutting methods, Coil cutting leaves a clean edge without distortion. This is because it cuts the cut material smoothly.

for your business Rolled Sheet Cutting There are many benefits to using technology. First, it is a very precise cutting method that allows your material to be cut exactly to your specifications. Latter, Rolled Sheet Cutting It's a fast process, which means you can get your products to your customers quickly. Finally, Rolled Sheet cutting is a versatile process that can be used on various materials such as metal, sheet metal and aluminum.

If you are looking for a way to get a precise cut in your materials, Coil cutting is the perfect solution.

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