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Steel Service centers generally prefer the steel to go through some processes before the coil or plate sheets are sent to the user. They serve the companies using steel with sheet slitting machine, sheet length cutting machine, sheet packaging machine or plate sizing machines in steel service centers. Sheet length cutting process refers to the process of cutting the coil sheets to length or turning them into longitudinal plates in certain sizes, both for stainless steel coil sheets and steel coil sheets. Before the plate sheets are shipped, they are covered with packaging machines to protect them from getting wet along the way or to protect them from atmospheric factors. Steel service centers are also responsible for proper packaging and shipping to the manufacturer. Packaged sheets, which are shipped in a packaged form after the sheet length cutting process, save time and money and provide easier use for the manufacturer. If desired, a carrier pallet can be placed under the plate sheets coming out of the steel service center cut-to-length line after packaging. Some steel users can have the steel pallets made under the plate sheets to be used during shipment. Steel service centers can use the steel pallets they put under the plate sheets over and over again. Steel pallets save both time and money. Steel pallets can be reused many times, while wooden pallets can be used once.

Materials Processed in Steel Service Centers

Steel service centers can process different types of metals. When we look at the materials that steel service centers can process, we process aluminum coil sheet, stainless coil sheet, steel coil sheet, galvanized coil sheet, hot rolled coil sheet, cold rolled coil sheet, copper coil, brass coil or other metal alloy products.

Specialized steel service centers are able to coat metal surfaces in line with the orders of their customers. In many countries around the world, steel service centers routinely process different metals. Steel service centers can provide customers with roll-to-length cutting and slitting services of stainless steel, carbon steel, iron, copper, nickel plate, aluminum plate and special alloy plate materials.

Metals processed in the Steel Service Center

  • aluminum sheet
  • aluminized steel
  • Galvanized sheet
  • stainless coil sheet
  • steel coil sheet
  • copper coil sheet
  • brass coil sheet
  • Special alloy steels
  • hot rolled coil sheet
  • cold rolled sheet in coil

Steel Service Center Machinery

Coil Cut to Length Machine

Recently, in order to make precise and correct cut-to-length cuts of the sheets, machines have been started to be used at the beginning of the sheet length cutting lines, which are called coil sheet ironing machines, which allow the sheet metals to be opened smoothly, without fractures and without waves. If rolled sheets are tried to be opened without these machines, fluctuations and fractures may occur on the sheet surface.

Coil sheet cut-to-length lines are divided into two:

Thin roll cut-to-length line

Thin roll cut-to-length lines are sheet metal cutting machines with a more precise structure compared to thick roll cut-to-length lines, which have a sheet metal cutting capacity between 0.20 mm and 3 mm. Tin cutting lines are facilities established for cutting very thin coiled sheets that require special precision. tin sheets are called sheets between 0.11 mm and 0.22 mm. Since tin sheets are so thin and sensitive, the packaging process also requires special care.

Features of thin roll cut-to-length line:
  • Roll weight: max 17 tons
  • Roll inner diameter: min 508 – max 610 mm
  • Roll outer diameter: max 1800 mm
  • Sheet Thickness: min 0.30 mm – max 2.5 mm
  • Sheet Width: min 400 mm – max 1730 mm
  • Cutting Length: min 600 mm – max 6000 mm
  • Ironing Speed: 100 m/min.
  • Cutting Tolerance: +- 0.5 mm

Thick Coil Cut to Length Line

Thick coil sheet cut-to-length lines are usually steel service center machines set up for hot rolled sheets to cut coil sheets between 1.5 mm and 25 mm. The front rollers of the thick roll sheet cutting machines are made especially suitable for ironing sheet metal. With sheet ironing, hot rolled coil sheets can be turned into plate sheets with surface smoothness and without fractures.

Thick roll length cutting line features:
  • Max Roll weight: 25 tons
  • Roll inner diameter: min 600 mm – 800 mm
  • Roll outer diameter: max 1950 mm
  • Sheet Thickness: min 2 mm – max 30 mm
  • Sheet Width: min 750 mm – 2000 mm
  • Cutting Length: 12000 mm
  • Ironing Speed: 50 m/min.

Coil Slitting Machine

Coil slitting machines are also divided into thin coil slitting and thick coil slitting. Coil slitting tolerances and packaging are more precise than roll sheet cut-to-length.

Thin roll slitting line features:

  • Max Roll weight: 25 tons
  • Roll inner diameter: 508 – 610 mm
  • Max Roller outer diameter: 1950 mm
  • Sheet Thickness: 0.30 – 3.00 mm
  • Sheet Width: 400 – 1850 mm
  • Coil slitting speed: 200 m/min. (It changes according to the thickness)

Thick roll slitting line features:

  • Max Roll weight: 25 tons
  • Roll inner diameter: 508 – 610 mm
  • Max Roller outer diameter: 1950 mm
  • Sheet Thickness: 3 mm – 30 mm
  • Sheet Width: min 400 – max 1850 mm
  • Coil slitting speed: 200 m/min. (It changes according to the thickness)

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