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Ship plate prices


It is known that the use of steel in shipbuilding started with the Golden Horn shipyard. Ship sheet manufacturers ERDEMİR produces special ship steels used in ships in Turkey. Ship plate prices are determined according to the prices determined by both Erdemir and foreign producers such as Ukraine and Russia. Of course, iron and steel manufacturers follow certain criteria and costs when determining ship plate prices.

What is Ship Plate?

What is Ship Plate? Our country's history of shipbuilding dates back to centuries. Established after the conquest of Istanbul, the Golden Horn shipyard is one of the biggest examples. Ship sheet is the main raw material. Private Shipyards On the other hand, there are Private Sector Shipyards established in the Golden Horn and Bosphorus in the early 1950s to carry on maintenance and repair activities. Towards the end of the 1960s, they started to develop small tonnage ships. During these years the ship […]

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