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P235GH Boiler steels

p355 quality - Erdemir 6345 quality

P235GH Boiler steels The material of P235GH Boiler Steels is non-alloy steel defined in EN 10028 and EN10216 system. It offers good plasticity, toughness, cold bending and weld properties even at high temperature. The letter “P” stands for “weldable”, “G” stands for “soft annealed” and “H” stands for “hardened”. Compared with P265GH material, P235GH Boiler Steels have similar chemical composition but lower Carbon content and […]

What are the Chemical Differences Between P235 and P355

p355 quality - Erdemir 6345 quality

What are the Chemical Differences Between P235 and P355? P235 and P355 materials are pressure vessel steels, also known as boiler sheet. Considering the general properties, it is seen that the weldability of both materials is good. In addition, they can withstand high pressure. P235 Quality Strength Values P235 quality material is in the non-alloy steel group. As an auxiliary part when producing boilers in industrial areas, […]

P Group Boiler Sheets

boiler plate mechanical-properties

What are P Group Boiler Sheets? Another name for P group boiler sheets is pressure vessel steels. Their most well-known feature is that they are well welded. When welding sheets with a cross section of less than 25 mm, there is no hardening tendency in the heat-affected zone, that is, in HAZ. In this way, almost all welding techniques can be welded without any problems. Those larger than 25 mm […]

P235GH quality sheet features

P235 quality sheet P235 quality sheets are also referred to as pressure vessel steels. Since p235 quality steels are resistant to pressure, they are used in productions such as boiler production, pressure resistant oil boilers. P235GH quality sheet properties Grade C Si Mn PSN Altotal Cr Ni Mo Ti V Nb max. max. max. max. min. max. […]

16mo3 sheet prices – Boiler sheets

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16mo3 sheet prices – Boiler sheets 16mo3 sheet prices are also called pressure resistant sheets, that is, boiler steels. P265GH, P295GH, P355GH, P460NH, P355NH, P355NL1-2, P460NH,-NL,ASTM A516Gr.60 and 70 , 16Mo3, 13CRMo4-5 grades are all in the boiler steel family. Pressure resistant sheet mechanical values differ from commercial grade sheets such as S235. According to the yield and tensile test results, the sheet […]

What is a boiler plate?

What is a boiler plate? Boiler plate, as the name suggests, is a type of steel plate used in boiler manufacturing. They are generally used in the internal structures of the boilers. Boiler plate is pressure resistant steel. Commercial grade steels start with the S quality nomenclature, such as S235JR, while boiler sheets are P group steels. P235GH quality, P265GH quality, P355GH qualities, 16MO3 Quality, P295GH Quality, P355NH Quality […]

boiler plate prices

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Boiler plate prices Boiler plate prices or boiler steels are P group steels. 16mo3 is also in this group. Mainly used grades are P235, P265, P295, P355 and 16MO3. Virtue qualities are 6341 Erdemir Quality, 6335 Erdemir Quality, 6347 Erdemir Quality, 6352 Erdemir Quality, 6345 Erdemir Quality, 16Mo3 Erdemir Quality. Boiler sheet prices , […]

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