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Istanbul Concrete Trapeze

concrete trapezoidal sheet

Istanbul Concrete Trapezoidal Sheet Under-concrete trapezoidal sheets are also called deck sheet. Deck sheets can be mounted simply and quickly instead of floor molds. They are floor mold sheets that can be produced according to the desired length. Deck sheet prices can be found by adding contract labor to galvanized sheet prices. The most common feature in today's building technologies is the use of suitable different building materials […]

Clamp Roof

What is Kenet Roof? What is Kenet Cenet? : Today, the variety of coating materials used in buildings has increased. Seam roofing is the most widely used roofing material. Choosing the right coating material for the roof of the steel structure should provide the conditions such as the material to be durable, long-lasting, economical, suitable for its intended use and aesthetic. The properties of Roofing materials should be well known. Especially […]

Roof sheet – Facade cladding

ROOF SHEET- trapezoidal sheet metal

Roof Sheet – Facade Coating Material Roof sheet, or trapezoidal sheet metal, has a model change according to their structure and place of use. Roof sheet material can be produced in different sizes as well as color options. The reason why roof sheets are called trapezoidal sheet is that it comes from trapeziodal steel from English to our language. Roofing sheets production materials: Galvanized sheet Painted Galvanized […]

Painted Trapezoidal sheet Istanbul

Painted Trapezoidal sheet Istanbul

Painted Trapezoidal sheet Istanbul We have Trapezoidal sheets in different colors and types. Painted Trapezoidal sheets actually have two different types. Exterior cladding trapezoidal sheets and Concrete trapezoidal sheets. Trapezoidal sheets are also produced from galvanized coil sheets, either as exterior cladding or as the use of trapezoidal sheet metal under concrete. The prices of Trapeze sheets, which are roofing materials, […]

istanbul Trapeze Sheet Prices

tinted sheet, colored sheet, trapezoidal sheet, facade cladding, roofing

Istanbul Trapezoidal Sheet Prices, we have created special sales points in Istanbul Ataşehir for our valued customers, now your orders are as close as a phone call. Trapezoidal sheet 27/200 form is produced in the desired length, closing width, 100 cm length. The price list of galvanized trapezoidal sheet with a width of 1 meter is as follows. Galvanized Sheet Prices Galvanized sheets are […]

Colored Roofing and Facade Metal Cladding, Trapezoidal sheet application

tinted sheet, colored sheet, trapezoidal sheet, facade cladding, roofing

Colored Roofing and Facade Metal Cladding, Trapezoidal Sheet Application Although there are companies that can sell trapezoidal sheets in meters, the unit prices of sheets are calculated as usd/ton. Roofing material Trapezoidal sheets are sold in kg/m2 […]

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