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Rust resistant? galvanized iron profile

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Rust resistant? galvanized iron profile Galvanized iron profiles are produced from steel coil sheets called box profile, which is 6 or longer square profile materials, against corrosion by hot dip galvanizing method. protection? coating by dipping into the galvanized pool for are produced with. Galvanized box profile ?manufacture? Before entering the galvanized iron profile manufacturing, we need to know the production method of the box profile. […]

Galvanized profile production

Galvanized profile production In order to produce galvanized profile, we first need to know the box profile production. Box profile production is roughly cut on the roll form line after slicing the coil sheet. we said, are we sliced on the lines? Joining and welding the two edge ends of the coil sheet is done with. How to produce galvanized profile? In order to produce galvanized profiles, first of all, a steel coil suitable for box profile production […]