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Why Is Galvanized Steel Price So High?

Why are galvanized steel prices high?

Why Is Galvanized Steel Price So High? There are a number of factors that have caused Galvanized Steel prices to rise recently. A significant supply shortage has resulted in high steel prices. In some cases, not enough steel is available to meet demand. Additionally, the supply of wood has nearly doubled since the Covid-19 pandemic. Overall Galvanized Steel Price hits cycle peak […]

Why should we choose Galvanized Steel?

galvanized steel

Why should we choose Galvanized Steel? Galvanized steel has been used for almost 2,000 years for its unrivaled ability to last a very long time and resist rust. Hot-dip galvanized steel and electroplated galvanized steel are made by different methods, and zinc galvanized coatings rust completely differently. Learn from us about these galvanizing processes (here) and how zinc corrosion varies between them.

Galvanized Coating Thickness


How to Measure Galvanized Coating Thickness? Galvanized coating is done in order for the metals to continue their intended use for the longest time. For this, hot dipping and electrolysis methods are used. The method can be chosen according to the place where the material will be used. Alusi products are obtained by coating aluminum-zinc alloy on the steel sheet according to the needs. Galvanized Coating Thickness Calculation Galvanized coating calculates the amount of zinc per square meter […]

Galvanized Sheet Production

hot dip galvanized sheet production

How Galvanized Sheet is Produced Galvanized sheet production is the product obtained by coating metallic zinc on flat steel material. It is used in many fields due to its corrosion resistant feature. It is especially important for materials used in open areas. The coated material provides long-term use without rusting. Chromating or lubricating after the plating process ensures a higher quality of the zinc plating. […]

Galvanized steel sheet production - How is galvanized sheet produced?

Galvanized steel sheet production - How is galvanized sheet produced? The history of galvanized steel notices that when the Alchemist chemist dips the iron in molten zinc, it has a silver-like coating on the iron. This story begins 300 years ago. This attempt of the alchemist was to be the first step in the formation of the history of galvanization. The meeting of zinc with iron is closely linked to the history of galvanization; Even 2500 years ago, with zinc […]

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