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Ipn profile technical specifications

Npi profil fiyatları

Ipn profile surface area SECTION IPN Profile size AREA A cm2 IPN 120 14.2 IPN 140 18.3 IPN 160 22.8 IPN 180 27.9 IPN 200 33.4 IPN 220 39.5 IPN 240 46.1 IPN 260 53, 3 IPN 280 61.0 IPN 300 69.0 IPN 320 77.7 […]

What is Ipn Profile?

Npi profil fiyatları

What is Ipn Profile? Ipn profiles, also known as Npi profiles, are I-shaped due to their structure. I profiles are produced by hot rolling method. Steel billet is used when producing Ipn profiles. Simply by heating to a certain degree, they are turned into embers and take the I shape as they pass between the rollers. Let's explain the production of I profiles by hot rolling in a little more detail. […]

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