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heat resistant steel p355

Isıya Dayanıklı Çelik kaliteleri

Heat Resistant Steel P355GH Heat resistant steel P355GH steel plate is a kind of material for EN10028 P355GH steel plates, boiler and pressure vessel steel. EN10028 heat resistant steel P355GH steel plates are characterized by a minimum yield strength of 280-355 MPa and good weldability, so the heat resistant steel P355GH steel is mainly used for boilers transporting hot liquids, pressurized […]

What are the Chemical Differences Between P235 and P355

p355 kalite - erdemir 6345 kalite

What are the Chemical Differences Between P235 and P355? P235 and P355 materials are pressure vessel steels, also known as boiler sheet. Considering the general properties, it is seen that the weldability of both materials is good. In addition, they can withstand high pressure. P235 Quality Strength Values P235 quality material is in the non-alloy steel group. As an auxiliary part when producing boilers in industrial areas, […]

Boiler Sheets Usage Areas and Chemical Structures

Boiler Sheets Usage Areas and Chemical Structures You may have seen that the boiler sheets, also called pressure vessel steels, have the letter P at the beginning. This is because the material is in the P quality group. It has high tensile and yield strengths. Creep resistance and notch impact resistance under high temperature conditions are quite good. According to the type and amount of alloying element contained in the material, the mechanical properties […]

boiler sheets

kazan sacları

Boiler sheets, also known as pressure vessel steels, are grades that start with the "P" symbol. Boiler sheets can be used in the manufacture of boilers or similar pressure-resistant on-vehicle equipment due to their resistance to pressure. Their difference from St 37 quality or s235 group steels is that they are P quality group steels. P235GH quality, P265GH quality, P355GH quality, 16MO3 quality, P295GH […]

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