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Istanbul Metal Tile Prices?

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Istanbul Metal Tile Prices? Istanbul metal tile prices? It varies according to each project. The size of the application area directly affects this issue. Therefore, homes or business Measurements are taken before they are applied to their places, and the average figures are determined accordingly. In addition, the quality of the work done and the metal used is an important factor on prices. Different? crack? It can be easily applied to the types of […]

Galvanized corrugated sheet

galvaniz oluklu sac

Galvanized corrugated sheet Galvanized corrugated sheets dx 51 quality between 0.40 mm and 1 mm? is produced. What is the difference between galvanized corrugated sheets and trapezoidal sheets? as a single form? can be specified. The width of galvanized corrugated sheets is 1000 mm, coil sheets can be produced. Thickness 0.25-1mm Width 1000-1200-1250 Corrugated galvanized sheet produced from 1000 mm galvanized coil sheet comes in 875 mm width. […]

Istanbul Concrete Sub? trapezium

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Istanbul Concrete sub? Trapezius Sheet Concrete bottom? deck sheet to trapezoidal sheets? is also called. Deck sheets? floor molds It can be mounted simply and quickly instead of being consumed. It is the floor formwork sheets, the length of which can be produced according to the desired size. Deck sheet prices? galvanized sheet prices It can be found by adding contract labor on it. do today? The most common feature in technologies is make appropriate changes. materials […]

Ken Cat?

Ken Cat? why? What is Kenet Cenet? : Today, the variety of coating materials used in buildings has increased. Clamp down? coating is the most used roof? coating material. Steel structure roof Choosing the right coating material for the material should be robust, long-lasting, economical, suitable for its intended use and aesthetically pleasing. conditions like sa?lamal?d?r. roof? The properties of coating materials should be well known. Especially […]