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Stainless Steel production

Stainless Steel manufacture Stainless steel manufacture is an iron-containing alloy (a substance made up of two or more chemical elements) used in a wide variety of applications. Due to its chromium content, it has excellent resistance to stain or rust, usually at 12 to 20 percent of the alloy. In addition to many special alloys produced by different stainless steel manufacturers, […]

Stainless sheet weight calculation

[CP_CALCULATED_FIELDS id=”6″] Stainless steel sheet weights are determined according to the plate dimensions. The specific gravity of steel is taken as 7.85. Accordingly, the weight of a 1 mm thick, 1 meter wide and 2 meter long stainless sheet plate is approximately 16 kg. The weight calculation formula for the stainless steel sheet plate is as follows. (Thickness x Width x Length x 7.85 )/1000000 = Kg […]

Stainless Steel


What is Stainless Sheet? Stainless Steel alloy is an iron alloy containing at least % 10.5 chromium. Here, chromium produces a thin layer of oxide, called a layer, on the steel surface. This prevents the product from being protected from surface corrosion; The increase in the amount of chromium provides high resistance to general corrosion. The stainless steel alloy also contains varying amounts of manganese, silicon, and carbon. Molybdenum and nickel […]

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