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Istanbul Laser Cut Models

cnc lazer kesim örnekleri

ISTANBUL LASER CUTTING MODELS Today, laser cutting machines offer small and large companies the opportunity to meet laser cut metals such as stainless, carbon steel, galvanized and even aluminum materials. As a result, they have a great opportunity to laser cut highly complex metal parts, prototypes and customized parts cost-effectively and efficiently, including: Istanbul […]

Plasma sheet cutting, Plasma metal cutting dudullu istanbul prices

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What is Plasma Cutting? Plasma cutting works by applying an electric current to the gas passing through a narrow end. Gases used in plasma sheet cutting: nitrogen, argon, oxygen. The temperature of the gases used in plasma and oxygen cutting is increased for easy combustion and gasification is provided. In order for the gases in the liquid state in the gas cylinder to burn easily in the plasma head, heat treatment […]

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