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Galvanized Sheet, Galvanized Steel, Galvanized Pipe, Galvanized Profile

Coil sheet cutting prices, galvanized sheet cutting prices, coil sheet cutting prices

Galvanized sheet coil steel sheet manufacturers Electrolysis or hot dipping is preferred as the production method of galvanized sheet coils. Galvanized coil steel producers in our country produce with the hot-dip galvanized production method. Unlike the electro galvanizing method used in the past years, this is produced by passing cold rolled coils through hot zinc pools. Istanbul, gebze, Iskenderun and Kdz. Eregli […]

Coil Cutting Prices

Coil sheet cutting prices, galvanized sheet cutting prices, coil sheet cutting prices

Coil Sheet Cutting Coil sheet cutting to be cut can be of different types and sizes. Coil sheet cutting lines for different thickness and types are also different. Coil sheet cutting lines are generally of two types. It is a thin coil sheet cutting line and a thick coil sheet cutting line. According to the thickness of the coil sheet, the prices of the coil sheet cutting also change. Thin coil sheet cutting […]

mild steel prices


Black sheet prices Black sheet prices generally refer to hot rolled sheets of flat rolled products. Hot rolled sheets are low carbon structural steels. The low carbon ratio makes it possible to form the steel easily. Hot rolled steel sheets are used in almost all of the steel construction manufacturing. As mild steel prices, they vary depending on slab or scrap steel prices. […]

boiler plate prices

10 mm sheet prices, hot rolled sheet prices, hot rolled steel price, black sheet prices

Boiler plate prices Boiler plate prices or boiler steels are P group steels. 16mo3 is also in this group. Mainly used grades are P235, P265, P295, P355 and 16MO3. Virtue qualities are 6341 Erdemir Quality, 6335 Erdemir Quality, 6347 Erdemir Quality, 6352 Erdemir Quality, 6345 Erdemir Quality, 16Mo3 Erdemir Quality. Boiler sheet prices , […]

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