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Istanbul Concrete Trapeze


Istanbul Concrete Trapeze 75/750 Istanbul Trapezoidal sheet under concrete is also called deck sheet. Deck trapezoidal sheets can be mounted simply and quickly instead of floor molds. They are floor mold sheets that can be produced according to the desired length. Deck sheet prices can be found by adding contract labor on top of galvanized sheet prices. Both contract manufacturing of trapeze under concrete, trapeze under concrete […]

Istanbul Concrete Trapeze

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Istanbul Concrete Trapeze Prices change daily. Concrete trapezoidal sheets are produced from galvanized sheets. There are special traces at certain intervals on the trapezoidal sheets produced in 38/151 form and in different forms. After this forming, which is made to hold the concrete in a healthier way, a trapeze application can be made under concrete easily. İSTANBUL UNDER CONCRETE TRAPEZE SAC Under concrete trapeze sheet […]

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