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Traffic Sign Pole – Omega Pole

omega direk

Omega pole "Traffic Sign Pole", "Galvanized Traffic Pole", "Galvanized Omega Profile Traffic Sign Pole" etc. Omega Pole, also known by names, are poles on which traffic sign boards are mounted with bolts, galvanized by hot-dip galvanization method, and "W", that is, "Omega" shaped when viewed from above, used within the scope of traffic and road safety. Traffic Sign Pole Omega poles can be produced in desired length and height. But frequently used pole types: 2 mt omega […]

Omega Poles


Omega poles are a steel product used in the assembly of traffic signs and traffic signs used to provide safety on the roads. It can be used wherever large road signs are not needed. Omega poles are suitable for all weather conditions with their galvanized coating and are resistant to corrosion. The length of the omega pole is 2 m, 2.50 m, 3 m, 3.50 m and 4 m according to customer preference.

Istanbul Traffic Pole – Omega pole istanbul

İstanbul Trafik Direği - Omega direk istanbul

Istanbul Traffic Poles – Omega poles are steel poles used in the installation of warning traffic signs on the ground, which are mainly used to ensure safety on highways. Made of galvanized steel, omega poles are resistant to harsh climatic conditions with their robust structure and resistance to corrosion. The warning traffic sign and other […]

Omega pole manufacturing

omega direk imalat, omega direk istanbul, omega direk fiyatları

Omega poles are galvanized steel poles used to assist in the assembly of warning traffic signs placed on the roadside to ensure safety. Omega poles are made of galvanized steel, and their robust structure, resistance to oxidation, that is, corrosion, makes them resistant to different climatic conditions. Perforated Omega poles allow height adjustment in the assembly of warning traffic signs and other similar signs. Omega Direk istanbul Omega plate […]

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