Train Track Profile Weights

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Railway Train Track Profiles Weights

Rail Type kg/mt
· 33 E1 33,47
· 46 E2 46,27
· 49 E1 49,39
· UIC49 49,43
· 50 E4 50,17
· UIC 50 50,46
· R50 ,P50 51,8
· 54 E4 54,31
· UIC54 54,43
· 54 E1 54,77
· 60 E2 60,03
60 E1 60,21
· UIC 60 60,34
· 59 R2 58,2


This is a Railroad steel profile. The size of this profile is 36x17x2 mm, the size of the hole drilled into the connection hole is 1mm from the side and 10mm from the end.

train rail steel profile

train rail steel profile, is an aluminum extrusion profile and is suitable for all kinds of indoor and outdoor use. It is performed without welding, using a mechanical fastener that facilitates the assembly and installation of the system, thus ensuring structural continuity without discontinuities.

For use with standard wheel sizes made of high quality steel to meet your needs Train Rail profile.


Save valuable time and money. Make your custom-made steel profiles exactly the length, width and height you need. Customize steel profiles for virtually any automotive, architectural or industrial application with no minimum quantity required.

Onu mevcut en güçlü ve en sağlam yapısal hafif ölçü çerçeve malzemesi yapan yüksek çekme mukavemeti – çelik ağırlığını çelik H-kiriş ve C-kanalın %20’si kadar azaltabilir, bu da yapı maliyetini önemli ölçüde düşürür.

railway track
railway track

railway tracks

Find a variety of different sizes of modern train sections, detailed railway track steel profile sizes.

Our railway track steel profile is manufactured to the highest standards.

Railway track Steel Profile is an important part of the fuel pump bracket. Rich experience in profile processing, quality is our best assurance.

Railway track Steel Profile

Railroad track steel profile is widely used for constructing railroad tracks and exposure to various environmental conditions. It is ensured that the bond between the components of this particular section is one of the most important factors to consider. Typically, train steel profile is based on the standard EN 13674-1, a mandatory European test for railway applications.

We produce some different train steel profiles like X250, X280 and X500. Please refer to our figure table and drawing below for details.

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