Stainless Steel


What is Stainless Sheet?

Stainless Steel alloy is an iron alloy containing at least % 10.5 chromium. Here, chromium produces a thin layer of oxide, called a layer, on the steel surface. This prevents the product from being protected from surface corrosion; The increase in the amount of chromium provides high resistance to general corrosion. The stainless steel alloy also contains varying amounts of manganese, silicon and carbon. Other elements such as molybdenum and nickel can be added to give essential properties including good increased resistance to corrosion and improved formability.


How to determine the quality of the produced stainless sheet metal?

In industrial stainless sheet production, the production of stainless steel sheet plates is carried out under the guidance of professional experts. In this way, they help manufacturers to bring out the perfect quality of plate quality in line with the quality demands of buyers. STAINLESS STEEL , It is developed using reliable and high quality raw materials and is precisely tested before stainless steel production to ensure the quality of product manufacturing. Quality control is to look at the product quality of stainless steel plates.

The production of Stainless Steel Plates is made by considering international and national product quality standards. It is also made taking into account the industry installation norms regarding the production of Stainless steel plate. Thanks to the latest technology and modern tools, efficiency is ensured at all stages of the product.

of the material
In the manufacturing industry, testing is mainly done to ensure the quality of the product. Tests performed at the production facility are such as resistance test, hardness test, stainless corrosion test, positive material identification test. Other tests such as flattening test, flaming test, macro test, micro test and chemical test and mechanical test are performed on the product.


quality of plates – The stainless steel alloy is one of the most popular used alloys in many applications due to its excellent properties. Stainless steel plates therefore have excellent properties such as high durability, flexibility, anti-corrosion, longevity, dimensional accuracy, fine surface quality, tensile strength and mechanical strength. It is also resistant to corrosion cracking, pitting, crevice corrosion and oxidation and withstands high temperatures..


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