Earthquake Cabin Manufacturing

earthquake cabin

Earthquake Cabin Manufacturing Earthquake cabin is a steel structure consisting of steel columns, beams and panels. It can be easily installed in an emergency without the need for heavy equipment. This is a modular cabin with prefabricated panels built to withstand earthquakes. Our products are used by local governments and disaster relief organizations in emergency preparedness programs. Earthquake cabins, single-family, multi-family […]

highway safety barriers

galvanized steel road barrier

Highway safety barriers Highway safety barriers provide an invaluable annoyance for all road users. Highway Safety barrier is the key for the highway industry with systems providing valuable protection for all road users. The importance of passive protective devices such as safety barriers is often overlooked by road users, but is well understood by highway designers. A faulty vehicle is back on the road […]

Chemical Structure of A516 Class 70 Steel

Mechanical properties of ASTM A516 quality steel

A516 Grade 70 Steel Chemical Structure ASTM A516 Grade 70 is a standard specification for carbon steel. It is used in oil tanks and pressure vessels and increases the notch toughness of steel during welding. There are four different grades of A516 steel, including Grade 70, the most widely used. The maximum thickness of the plates depends on their composition and mechanical property requirements. From a coil […]

Galvanized Steel Road Barrier Production

galvanized steel road barrier

Galvanized Steel Road Barrier Production Galvanized steel road barrier production lines can form various traffic barriers. The line includes several separate components: feeder, uncoiler, straightener, punch press, clipper and stacker. These components work together to create a variety of different shapes and sizes, making it easy to customize the barrier to meet your specifications. Galvanized steel road barrier The standard road barrier in Turkey, […]

ASTM A516 Quality Steel 

Mechanical properties of ASTM A516 quality steel

ASTM A516 Grade Steel There are many factors to consider when ordering ASTM A516 grade 70 steel. It is important to note that there are many different dimensional requirements for this material. The thickness can also vary. Generally, you will want to order your steel plate normalized. You can also order stress relief for thicker plates. If you are unsure of what you need, the mill will […]

Road Barrier Manufacturing

steel road barrier manufacturing

Road Barrier Fabrication The Road Barrier fabrication production line will include a hydraulic uncoiler, travel cart, leveling system and a hydraulic shear device. The system will also include a molded 315T hydraulic press machine, punch station and roll forming machine part. A dedicated electrical control cabinet will oversee the entire production process. Below is a detailed breakdown of the components of a railing production line […]

Highway Guardrail Dimensions

steel road barrier production

Otoyol Korkuluk Boyutları Otoyol korkuluk ölçüleri otoyol güvenliği için önemlidir. Bu malzeme, bir aracın çarpmasına dayanacak şekilde tasarlanmıştır, ancak yine de estetik açıdan hoştur. Otoyol çelik korkuluklarının çeşitli stilleri, çeşitli stil ve malzemelerde mevcuttur. Direk, karayolu güvenlik sisteminin bir diğer önemli parçasıdır ve çelik veya ahşaptan yapılabilir. Bu direkler, Otoyol çelik çit sisteminin gücünü belirlemede […]

EN 10028-2:2017 P235GH Quality Steel Plate What is Yield and Tensile Strength?

p235gh mechanical specs

EN 10028-2:2017 P235GH Quality Steel Plate What is Yield and Tensile Strength? P235GH is a low carbon alloy steel specified by EN for use in pressure vessels. It is often used for structural components of pressure vessel equipment, including pressure vessels, tanks and boilers. It has excellent plasticity, toughness and cold bending and welding properties. However, the more expensive, high-strength […]

P355NL1 What are its Chemical Properties?

Chemical analysis of P355NH steel grade

P355NL1 What are its Chemical Properties? You may be wondering what the chemical properties of P355NL1 are. When you look at the composition of the steel, it is a carbon steel with high tensile strength. There are many types of steel. There are 12 different series and about 350 different variants, each with its own characteristics. If you need more information about these steels, continue reading this article. […]

Galvanized Steel Profile Benefits

Galvanized Steel Profile

Galvanized Steel Profile Benefits There are many benefits to using a Galvanized Steel Profile. Compared with the non-galvanized steel section, the cross-section factor of galvanized steel is up to 109 times higher, increasing its use by about seventy percent. The smallest cross-section factor is 2 mm, which has a cross-section factor of one hundred and seventy-one. The biggest benefit of galvanized steel is fire […]

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