Istanbul Concrete Trapeze


Istanbul Concrete Trapeze

75/750 Istanbul Trapeze sheet under concrete is also called deck sheet.
Deck trapezoidal sheets can be mounted simply and quickly instead of floor molds.
They are floor mold sheets that can be produced according to the desired length. Deck sheet prices can be found by adding contract labor on top of galvanized sheet prices.
You can contact our customer representatives for the purpose of contract manufacturing trapeze under concrete and trapeze under concrete program (deck program).
It is designed to be used in places requiring low concrete height.
In addition, it is used in the mezzanine floors of residential steel structures, the mezzanine floors to be used for light storage, and the steel of the office intermediate furnishings.
The starting and ending axis of the form is based on rather than the full width of the Trapezoidal Sheet.

Prices change daily.

Concrete trapezoidal sheets It is produced from galvanized sheets.

There are special traces at certain intervals on the trapezoidal sheets produced in 38/151 form and in different forms. After this forming, which is made to hold the concrete in a healthier way, a trapeze application can be made under concrete easily.


We can produce many different forms in our under-concrete trapezoidal sheet production facility.

Concrete trapezoidal sheet forms

27/200/81 Form

27/200/100 Forms

38/151 Form

38/151/76 Form

38/151/90 Form

Form 60/940

Form 75/750


Concrete trapeze 60/940 form, which we produce in a few different forms in our city of Istanbul, can generally be preferred for mezzanine floors in residential buildings, mezzanine floors in industrial buildings, office or plaza mezzanine floors, warehouse or warehouse mezzanine floors. In static studies carried out according to the loads in the area where it will be used, the beam spacing should also be calculated and appropriate trapezoidal steel sheet thicknesses should be determined. Our advice to our customers is to have the static calculations of your structures done correctly and to order trapezoidal sheet metal.

Our Istanbul Concrete trapezoidal sheet form is called 60/940. 60 mm is the height measurement from the galvanized sheet steel floor. Its size of 940 mm is the net closure area measurement. Net closure area means the axis on which the trapezoidal sheet is placed on the other deck concrete in side-by-side assemblies. In other words, when 2 sheets are placed side by side, 188 cm area is covered. Our 60/940 Trapezoidal Sheet with a net closing area of 94 cm alone is produced from 1250 mm wide rolls.


38/151/76 Concrete Trapezoidal Sheet

38/151-76 trapezoidal sheet prices under concrete,

38/760 sheet metal technical drawing, 38/151 applications,

38/766 trapezoidal sheet metal manufacturing under concrete,

38/760 firm, 38/151 gebze,

38/151 trapezoidal sheet under concrete istanbul

38/151/76 concrete trapezoidal sheet is 76 cm wide.

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