Rust-proof galvanized iron profile

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Rust-proof galvanized iron profile

Galvanized iron profiles are produced by dipping into the galvanized pool to protect the square profile materials, which are 6 or longer from steel coil sheets called box profile, against corrosion by hot-dip galvanizing method and coating.

galvaniz kutu profil
galvanized box profile

Galvanized box profile Manufacturing

Before entering the production of galvanized iron profile, we need to know the production method of the box profile. Box profiles can be produced from different materials as of construction. It can be produced from cold rolled coils or hot rolled coils. Sliced roll sheets, which we call roll form, are bent and prepared for welding with the bending process, and box profile production is carried out by joining them with longitudinal welding. The thickness of the coiled sheets used in the production of box profiles starts from 0.70 mm and goes up to 10 mm. The width dimensions of the box profiles start from 10 mm x 10 mm, that is, from 1 cm x 1 cm. The wall thickness of the box profile with a width of 10 mm x 10 mm is 0.70 mm.

As seen in the example box profile prices table below, the width starts from 10 mm.


0,70 0,80 0,90 1,00 1,20 1,50 2,00
10×10 1,58 1,68 1,87 2,02 2,41
15×15 10×20 1,92 1,95 2,18 2,41 2,86 3,49
20×20 10×30 15×25 2,39 2,53 2,85 3,14 3,73 4,49 5,88
25×25 20×30 2,96 3,09 3,49 3,82 4,63 5,70 7,39
30×30 20×40 3,81 3,82 4,16 4,63 5,45 6,86 8,95
30×40 4,46 4,98 5,51 6,58 7,95 10,13
40×40 30×50 6,37 6,40 7,41 9,11 11,91
50×50 40×60 9,77 11,39 14,96
60×60 40×80 11,93 14,47 19,05
70×70 60×80 50×90 40×100 17,24 22,26
80×80 60×100 26,89
90×90 60×120 80×100 29,36

We have said that galvanized box profiles are produced by coating the box profiles with galvanization. The change in box section prices also affects galvanized iron section prices. While calculating the box profile prices, we should look at the steel sheet prices. If you want to examine sheet prices more fundamentally, you should look at scrap prices. Any change in scrap prices also affects iron and steel prices. Iron and steel prices require daily monitoring due to instant changes.

Galvanized box profile prices

Hot dip galvanizing prices are determined by zinc ingot prices. London metal exchange Zinc ingot prices, which are determined by the company and updated every day, also affect the galvanized box profile prices. Zinc ingot production is not made from ore in our country. For this reason, we are dependent on abroad for zinc ingots. Galvanized box profile prices are affected by all these changes. You can find galvanized box profile prices on our website or from our instagram account you can follow.

Galvanizli Çelik Profil
Galvanized Steel Profile
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